Digital Insights

Who Will Win the Video War? YouTube or Facebook?

One company is the master of the online video content universe. The other company changed forever the way people interact with each other. One company does just one thing, but does it very well. The other company does a lot of things well and still isn't satisfied it has reached its potential. Now,...Read More >>

Top Websites That Offer the Best Curated Content

Just as there is more to being a curator of fine art than hanging paintings on a wall, there is more to being a content curator than publishing a collection of articles on a website. The top content curators display a certain flair for uncovering the best articles and posts available and presenting...Read More >>

How Your Business can Benefit from Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective methods of reaching today’s consumer. Sometimes referred to as digital or online marketing, Internet marketing is replacing traditional advertising media such as local newspapers, radio, and television simply because it provides a...Read More >>

The Critical Importance of Relationship Building in Building Backlinks

Quality inbound links are one of the single most important factors that determine how well your website ranks in the organic search results. Despite multiple algorithm updates that have discredited many backlink acquisition tactics, Google still relies heavily on backlinks to weigh the value of...Read More >>

How Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

In just a few short years, mobile devices have overtaken desktop computers to become the dominant tool of choice for shopping, searching, and connecting. Along the way, mobile has altered consumer’s expectations of the companies they do business with, turning the marketplace into a vast community...Read More >>

Open or Closed Source: Picking the Right CMS Platform for Your Business

One of the earliest and most critically important decisions you face when creating a new website for your business is the choice of which content management system (CMS) platform will be used to build out your site. Your decision will affect the design and features available on your site, the time...Read More >>

5 Important Reasons for Cleaning Up Your Local Business Listings

One of the most important ranking factors in local SEO is your business presence on relevant local online directories in the form of a citation. According to Moz, citations and external location signals are the third most important factor in local search ranking. A citation is an online mention of...Read More >>

Should Businesses Use Apps for Their Business?

As technology continues to change the ways businesses operate and markets its wares, there are a lot of key decisions that have to be made by business owners. Access to clients and content management have become hot issues that drive sales. In the case of the former, business owners and managers...Read More >>

Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update Be Big?

Google is dead serious about making the digital world mobile-friendly, and is prepared to destroy your search rankings to prove it. When Google’s “Mice” algorithm update rolls out on April 21, 2015, any website that is not properly configured for mobile devices (as defined by Google) will...Read More >>

3 Reasons to Increase your Content Marketing Budget

A businessperson in their twenties during the 1980s could not have possibly envisioned the way business is being conducted today. Businesses and customers are now connected on a 24/7 basis through the Internet, meaning companies now have the ability to conduct business while the owner and employees...Read More >>