Digital Insights

Getting Your Android App Indexed for Google Search

Google’s stated goal is to deliver everything needed for a satisfying user experience, and this now includes mobile apps for Android. In a nutshell, Google’s app indexing protocol enables you to tie your web pages to specific content on your mobile app. Users who already have your smartphone...Read More >>

Can Vurbs Deck of Cards Trump Google’s Hand?

Vurb’s recent app launch is a dagger pointed straight at the heart of what many observers in the tech community believe to be Google’s biggest weakness in the mobile arena: it’s all-powerful search functionality is essentially build around lists of web results that make navigation a real...Read More >>

The 6 Best Online Sources for Free Stock Images

Images are critically important to the success of your website and social media posting. A single photo can tell a story much faster and more effectively than an entire page of text. Ninety percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, which processes those visuals 60,000 times...Read More >>

Why Your Small Business Needs to Build a Community on Facebook

In view of the fact that the organic (free) reach of Facebook posts has dropped dramatically – below 10 percent in some cases – many small business marketers are questioning the wisdom of continuing to devote time and resources to promote their business on Facebook and getting so little in...Read More >>

The Benefits and Best Practices of a Multilingual Website

In the beginning, the digital world was forged by English-speaking developers and users. Personal computers as well as the Internet were the product of Western-based technology and ideas. However, as Bob Dylan once sang, “The times they are a-changing.” Today’s digital marketplace now...Read More >>

Just How Effective Are Facebook Ads?

There is precious little middle ground when it comes to advertiser’s opinions about advertising on Facebook. Many marketers swear by the business-building advertising opportunities offered by the world’s largest social media network, while an equal number are inclined to simply swear at the...Read More >>

5 Essential Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

An effective digital marketing strategy is absolutely essential if your business is going to remain a competitive force in today’s marketplace. Consumers are increasingly embracing digital technology, and businesses need to either follow their customer’s lead or get left behind. The latest...Read More >>

Avoiding Common Website Design Disasters

A professionally designed website is absolutely critical to the success of your digital marketing strategy. In today’s technology-driven marketplace, not having a website is as pointless as going to a networking event without business cards. Consumers in record numbers are turning away from...Read More >>

How to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

It’s no secret that Google’s unrelenting flood of search ranking algorithm updates is making SEO harder and harder to implement. Google rolls out approximately 600 of these rule-changing updates each year, which works out to 1.6 per day. To put it simply, the SEO technique that was perfectly...Read More >>

3 Tips for Generating Newsworthy Content Ideas

Just about anybody with even the most basic writing skills and a little patience can write at least one press release or article. It’s not too difficult to write about a subject that you know well, especially if it’s about your own company and products – or perhaps those of a client. With a...Read More >>