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Should Businesses Use Apps for Their Business?


Published: April 9, 2015

As technology continues to change the ways businesses operate and markets its wares, there are a lot of key decisions that have to be made by business owners. Access to clients and content management have become hot issues that drive sales. In the case of the former, business owners and managers are looking at having a mobile app as a primary method for reaching out to customers.

A Mobile App
To be clear, a mobile app is very different from a website. Mobile apps provide instant access to businesses for users of mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. They are not accessible through URLs or other traditional means. In many cases, mobile apps are available for a small price (some are free) through app stores such as Google Play, Windows Phone Store, Apple App Store and BlackBerry App World. Once the app has been installed/downloaded to a mobile device, it provides instant access to the company’s marketing material without the need for an internet connection. For the business owner, a mobile app is a great compliment to an existing website and often prevents the owner from having to upgrade said website in order to be viewable from mobile devices.

Should Businesses Use Apps for Their Business?
Considering how many users are setting aside their traditional PCs and laptops in favor of tablets and smartphones, the short answer to this question is YES in most cases. Mobile apps can be designed that will give customers instant access to a company’s marketing material as well as the ability to communicate with company employees through value added features such as instant messaging. The business and its customers can also easily exchange photos and/or images, which is a feature that is quickly replacing the need for paper coupons to be used for discounts.

The Benefits of a Mobile App
Anything worth considering has to come with benefits in order for it to make sense. If a business owners is considering the development of a mobile app, he can reasonably expect the following benefits.

Enhancement of the Brand – In this day and age, businesses that embrace technology have a leg up with customers. Customers enjoy having access to companies and being able to communicate easily and efficiently with business representatives. A mobile app conveys a message that the company is devoted to reaching out to its customers and that enhances the brand.

Creating Traffic – Any methods a company can employ to increase exposure to its goods/services is almost always going to lead to enhanced sales. If a company’s capture rate is 5%, that represents 5% of everyone who sees the company’s product line. Increase traffic and it stands to reason sales will follow.

Access to Customers – Customers can’t always access a business’ information when its convenient to the company. Mobile apps allow customers to dial in when its convenient to them. That means anytime time day or night, whether at home or while waiting to be seated at a restaurant.

Instant Messaging – As mentioned above, the ability to communicated with customers through instant messaging is a wonderful tool. A business owner can create business by simply acknowledging customers who stop by for a look-see. When the customer shows interest, a personal instant message could be the best way to reach out and say “hey, can we be of service.”

It goes without saying that not every business model is designed to benefit from having a mobile app. However, those businesses that need to boost exposure and drive up sales can surely design a mobile app that serves as a great conduit to reach customers anytime and anyplace through the customers mobile device.


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