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Now more than ever, users are trying to find the right company to solve their problems or answer their questions as quickly as possible. They are not going to look through your website to find these answers if you don’t capture their attention from the moment they land on your website. In fact, the attention span of an average person is only seven seconds. That’s right, only seven seconds. This means that in the first seven seconds a user visits your website they need to instantly understand what your company does, what makes you more compelling than other competitors in your industry and what their next action should be. Seems like a lot to be able to articulate in seven seconds doesn’t it?

Your users are looking for you to provide them with reasons to stay on your site and if you don’t make it as clear as possible by putting these answers right in front of their face than they are going to go back to Google and look for one of your competitors that is doing it better. The visual layout of your website design and development speed that your site loads are crucial factors in making a positive first impression for your website users. It’s vital to be able to stand out amongst online competitors and get your users to take the next step in the process of wanting to learn more about your business’s products or services.

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Forward-thinking Creative Design Capabilities

Compelling design is vital to establishing trust and credibility online. You want your customers to be able to feel like they not only know you, but they appreciate your level of expertise in your field and trust you before they first call you or submit a contact form on your website.

Your expertise is illustrated through a visual display of unique content and messaging, including a showcase of reputable brands that you have worked with, past client success stories and testimonials, certifications, association or award trust logos and by showing a credible and experienced team of industry professionals.

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Our Professional Design Services Focus On:

  • Usability – We create usable and accessible websites.
  • Unmatched Design and Development Standards – We hold ourselves to the the highest of design standards.
  • SEO-Friendly Designs – Drive traffic to your website with designs that convert visitors into customers.
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SEO Friendly Web Design and Development

User experience signals are the most important ranking factors that Google looks for when determining which sites to rank at the top of the first search engine results page. If a user clicks through to your site from Google and determines that your site hasn’t been able to provide them with the solution they are looking for or answered the questions they have, then they will not continue to browse to a second page and will bounce back to Google. This sends a negative ranking signal to Google telling the search engine, that your website is not relevant to this user for the particular search query they just made and Google will lower the ranking of your website.

The opposite is also true that if a user clicks through to your site from Google and browses multiple pages, subscribes to your blog, shares your content on social media and/or makes a purchase this sends Google a positive ranking signal that your website is relevant to the user for the search query they just made. Google will then rank your site higher on the search engine results page.

Digital EYE Media Designs Websites for Users, Not Search Engines

The best ranking sites are the sites that people are naturally inclined to visit. That’s why we are dedicated to the user experience, not search engine preferences. However, we still need to take into account layout structures that explain to the search engine crawlers what your site is all about. We do this by using effective visual elements as a part of your “On Page SEO”

With a site design and structure in place that keeps the user in mind, every new website we optimize and launch sees a lift in organic traffic. We only focus on the importance of a site’s
SEO optimization simply to make it easier for search engines to drive your customers to a page they will truly enjoy utilizing.

How are we different? At Digital Eye we aren’t about one and done with your sites’ design and optimization. Think of our design experts as online scientists—they are constantly split testing and tweaking your web design to get the optimal data results! If sales pages or landing page designs that are launched are not converting website traffic into new clients at the rate we expect, then we will split test designs and implement new and creative strategies as part of our ongoing digital marketing campaigns. A great scientists’ work is never done!

Our Best-in-Class Design Process

  1. SEO Audit to Identify Opportunities
  2. Discovery to Establish Goals
  3. Reviewing Brand Guidelines
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Wireframes
  6. Revisions and Approval with client
  7. Designs
  8. Revisions and Approval with client
  9. Proceed into the Development Phase
  10. Development and Site launch
  11. Ongoing split testing and conversion enhancements
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Our team of qualified design experts work with you to maximize the potential of your website with a creative website design that attracts users and enhances their experience on the web.

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