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How Candy Crush used Social Media to become Marketing Genius’

What gets played by 93 million people (mostly adults) every day and has an estimated net worth of $7.1 billion? If you answered "Candy Crush Saga," you are the lucky winner....sort of. According to Time magazine, the simple app-based game is so addictive people have forgotten to pick up...Read More >>

How is Your Business Marketing on Social Media

Social media began as a tool for ordinary people to have a place to share and connect with friends online. Some online bulletin boards and portals were more successful than others. By the beginning of the 21st century, Facebook, LinkedIn and then Twitter launched, and today these sites and...Read More >>

Getting Started with Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Developing a marketing campaign today simply must include mobile - it is no longer an optional add-on but an essential requirement. From the ever-shifting sands of Google's mysterious algorithm to the well-documented migration of customers away from laptops and towards smaller-screen devices, there...Read More >>

What Does SEO Really Mean in 2016?

What Does SEO Really Mean in 2016? Search engine optimization, or SEO, continues to be one of the best ways to promote a website. As has always been the case, effectively optimizing a site can dramatically boost its ranking on the search engine results pages, or SERPs. However, SEO looks a lot...Read More >>

How to Get More Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is still the reigning champ of social media, with more active users and daily activity than any other social media platform. This is good news in the sense that the folks you want to attract to your own Facebook page are probably already on Facebook even as we speak. The bad news is that...Read More >>

10 Social Media Tips to Elevate your Holiday Sales

The introduction of social media has changed, well, just about everything we do as well as how we do it. Holiday shopping is no exception. In fact, the mobility of shopping options today means most customers shop in micro bursts - researching from their phone in spare moments, then making their way...Read More >>

18 Types of Content to Add to Your Marketing Mix

Identifying different types of content to add to your marketing mix is not about making sure you include "one of everything" to cover all your bases. Rather, what you are looking for is the types of content your target market responds to best. This may mean you do include a wide variety of content...Read More >>

How-to Use How-to Guides for Content Marketing

Content marketing is everywhere today. It is who we are, how we live and definitely how we do business. In fact, there is so much content marketing going on that this has generated a whole new type of content marketing: how-to guides for how to do content marketing! But how will you know which...Read More >>

30 Ways To Get More Targeted Traffic

In today's highly competitive global e-marketplace, it is not enough simply to generate inbound traffic to your website. You need the right traffic. This list provides 30 surefire ways to generate that traffic! 1. Facebook! Facebook still holds the lion's share (at 45.6 percent) of social...Read More >>

Thought Leadership and Online Brand Reputation

French mathematician Blaise Pascal once said that the greatness of humankind could be found within the power of thought, and the respected American author Ralph Waldo Emerson asserted that every action is preceded by thought. These days, both Pascal and Emerson are historically regarded as two...Read More >>