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Game Changing Email Marketing Strategies for Online Retailers

Just two marketing strategies alone account for an estimated 23 percent of all new sales: organic web searches and email marketing. As an online retailer, you have a great deal more control over the latter than the former. In fact, when you are watching an online retailer who consistently grow...Read More >>

18 Types of Content to Add to Your Marketing Mix

Identifying different types of content to add to your marketing mix is not about making sure you include "one of everything" to cover all your bases. Rather, what you are looking for is the types of content your target market responds to best. This may mean you do include a wide variety of content...Read More >>

Key Elements of a Powerful Brand Story

Creating a powerful brand story is about more than just identifying your ideal customer, your Unique Selling Prospect (USP), your logo and colors or even your place in the competitive landscape. Your brand's story is your story. It is a story of shared connection, of relevance, of problems and...Read More >>

How to Use Pinterest to do Keyword Research

Just a few years ago, Pinterest launched its own version of a search feature. The goal? To help users easily find past pins (original and re-pinned). The feature helps break down where the past pins might be, provided you can remember the original keyword descriptors that will lead you back to...Read More >>

How-to Use How-to Guides for Content Marketing

Content marketing is everywhere today. It is who we are, how we live and definitely how we do business. In fact, there is so much content marketing going on that this has generated a whole new type of content marketing: how-to guides for how to do content marketing! But how will you know which...Read More >>

How to Get Your Ecommerce Content Ready for The Holidays

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales can account for anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of the average retailer's annual income. Where your business falls along that continuum may have a lot to do with how prepared you are to launch compelling e-commerce content to bring the...Read More >>

30 Ways To Get More Targeted Traffic

In today's highly competitive global e-marketplace, it is not enough simply to generate inbound traffic to your website. You need the right traffic. This list provides 30 surefire ways to generate that traffic! 1. Facebook! Facebook still holds the lion's share (at 45.6 percent) of social...Read More >>

Pinterest Launches Dedicated Shopping Section

Pinterest launched in the first quarter of 2010 as an invitation-only beta site. From an initial user base of just 5,000, the visually-oriented site now numbers more than 17 million active users. Today, Pinterest is valued at $11+ billion - a number derived almost solely from its estimated...Read More >>

Thought Leadership and Online Brand Reputation

French mathematician Blaise Pascal once said that the greatness of humankind could be found within the power of thought, and the respected American author Ralph Waldo Emerson asserted that every action is preceded by thought. These days, both Pascal and Emerson are historically regarded as two...Read More >>

Using Instagram’s InstaMeet Feature for Community Connections

In social media's earliest days, it was often assumed that eventually online interactions would simply replace face-to-face meetings entirely. As it is turning out, precisely the opposite is unfolding today. Today's social media users and organizers are turning to their favorite social media...Read More >>