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A Brief Overview: Microsoft Buys LinkedIn

The Merger Today Microsoft has announced they are purchasing the social network for professionals, LinkedIn, for a cool $26.2 billion. Both the boards of Microsoft and LinkedIn have approved the purchase, which equates to $196 per share. If for some reason the sale falls through, LinkedIn will...Read More >>

How Landing Pages Increase ROI

If you are brand new to the ever-evolving arena of online advertising, expect to feel overwhelmed right at the start. There is a lot to learn! Happily, there is also a rich payoff for those who take the time and invest the energy to learn it well. One reason many entrepreneurs and companies...Read More >>

How is Your Business Marketing on Social Media

Social media began as a tool for ordinary people to have a place to share and connect with friends online. Some online bulletin boards and portals were more successful than others. By the beginning of the 21st century, Facebook, LinkedIn and then Twitter launched, and today these sites and...Read More >>

9 Profitable Video Marketing Secrets for Beginners

Video marketing is rapidly becoming one of the best ways to boost online visibility and to market a business in general. Effective marketing produces all kinds of great benefits, including increased profitability. If you want to get terrific bang for your marketing buck, getting up to speed about...Read More >>

Can Apple’s New Watch Impact Local Search?

Apple’s long-awaited entry into the smart watch market has just been unveiled – the Apple Watch. That’s the official name that was apparently favored over the Apple Watch moniker that most tech watchers expected to see; in recent months, trademark registration documents for “Watch” were...Read More >>

How California’s Assembly Bill 2365 will Affect Negative Online Reviews

In a potentially landmark decision for digital marketers as well as consumers, the California Assembly has affirmed the right of California consumers to post negative online reviews without fear of retribution. Unofficially dubbed the “Yelp Bill,” AB 2365 prohibits businesses from enforcing...Read More >>

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Organic SEO Campaign

Successful organic SEO is not a “set it and forget it” proposition; like a high-performance engine, it requires constant tweaking and adjusting to achieve optimum results. The only way that you’ll know exactly what to tweak and adjust is by monitoring and analyzing how your organic SEO...Read More >>

Amazon Gears Up to Give Google AdWords a Run for its Money

Ecommerce powerhouse Amazon is putting the final touches on Amazon Sponsored Links, its online advertising platform that appears to be aimed squarely at Google’s estimated $50 billion per year slice of the digital advertising pie. An official launch date has yet to be announced but industry...Read More >>

Building a Sustainable Brand Online

Originally, the term ‘sustainability’ was most often used to describe the long-term profit potential of a brand. Today, a sustainable brand is used to characterize a business as having a green, or ecologically correct, operating philosophy. Whether you refer to it as a sustainable, green or...Read More >>

Will Facebook’s Revised News Feed Ad Policy Alienate Users?

Facebook seems to be running hot on the heels of Google when it comes to the frequency of updates. Just when digital marketers thought it was safe to relax for a minute, Facebook announced a major change to its News Feed ad product that will have advertisers scrambling to re-think their Facebook ad...Read More >>