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How to Compete With Multi-Location Businesses

If you own or manage an independent brick and mortar business, chances are you’re facing stiff competition from one or more of the large multiple-location chain stores. These are the “big dogs” that are frequently able to out-maneuver you with a larger advertising budget. Trying to...Read More >>

Creating a Powerful Persona for Your Business

A business persona is a carefully cultivated representation of the image, personality, values, and reputation that marketers want their company to be associated with. For example, IBM is seen as the dorky all-business type with no sense of humor, and Twitter is the cool kid that everyone wants to...Read More >>

What Every Local Marketer Needs to Know About 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, many marketers are already laying the groundwork for 2015, allocating budgets and evaluating strategies for the coming year. While constant change is about the only certainty in local marketing that can be relied upon, there are certain trends on the horizon for 2015 that...Read More >>

How to Get Your Boss Excited About SEO

Getting your boss excited about SEO (search engine optimization) may not be the hardest sell you’ve ever faced, but it’s probably not the easiest one either. The quicksilver nature of SEO is probably one of the biggest challenges you face in convincing your company’s senior management to...Read More >>

How to Engage Your Audience for Maximum Effect

Mass communications channels like the Internet and social media networks enable you to present your message to hundreds or even thousands of people at a time. But as any college professor who has had to lecture over the distracting buzz of a snoring student can tell you, you can’t touch the...Read More >>

Top 5 Speakers from Pubcon 2014 Las Vegas

Attending industry conferences is always a great opportunity to find out if the current Internet marketing tactics agencies and in-house marketing folks are using to help clients or company get ahead of the competition will be good enough or if anything can be improved upon. I have attended SMX and...Read More >>

Google Penguin Recovery: When to Remove and When to Disavow Bad Links

Recovery from a Google Penguin penalty is entirely possible, but it will take time and a considerable amount of work to get your organic rankings back. Once an update penalty has been applied against your website, you will not be able to rank no matter what you do until your link profile has been...Read More >>

How to Keep Visitors from Leaving Your Website

Once visitors arrive at your site, they should be guided to a carefully designed conversion funnel which will gently lead them along the path to becoming a revenue-producing customer. Depending on your product niche and your marketing goals, a successful conversion could take the form of requesting...Read More >>

Is Ello the Facebook Killer or Just a Case of Wishful Thinking?

It’s been dubbed the Facebook Killer, and while it may be an interesting concept, it wouldn’t be the first or the last good idea to collapse due to the lack of a sustainable business model. Meet Ello, a new social media platform launched in March 2014 that has slowly been picking up steam...Read More >>

Yahoo Bing Network PPC Ads Deliver Higher Quality Traffic for Less Money

With a commanding 67 percent share of the search market, Google has long been the unchallenged leader in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with its AdWords platform. This market dominance has led many people to associate PPC advertising exclusively with Google, which is as unfair as it is unwise....Read More >>