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How to Protect Your Local Business from a Negative Online Reputation

For better or for worse, the Internet has brought about an era of transparency to the marketing community where any business is no more than a single bad review away from a negative online reputation. Consumers have the ability to make or break a business with online reviews and they’re not...Read More >>

How an Increase in Impressions Can Lead to Increased Organic Traffic

Every business that relies on the Internet to generate sales leads or drive actual online purchases should know the value of impressions. While impressions are an important factor in generating more traffic to your business website, they are not an absolute guarantee of success. With organic...Read More >>

Why Outsourcing Your Link Building is a Bad Idea

Back in the day when you could get just about website to rank simply by pointing a ton of backlinks at it, outsourcing link building made sense. Pay your $20 and presto! – 24 hours later you have 10,000 inbound links and your rankings are headed for the stratosphere. Somebody else did the grunt...Read More >>

Short Tail Vs. Long Tail: Which Type of Keyword is Best for Your Website?

Advertising legend David Ogilvy summed up his philosophy about product marketing with the much quoted adage, “The more you tell, the more you sell.” While Ogilvy was probably referring to print media advertising, the idea behind his words still resonates with today’s SEO practitioner: “Use...Read More >>

How Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads Deliver More Traffic to Your Store

Small businesses with a local market presence have received a much-needed boost to their marketing efforts with the recent introduction of Facebook’s “Local Awareness” advertising program. The new advertising option will allow local businesses to present geo-targeted ads to Facebook users who...Read More >>

Does Inbound Marketing Work for Every Business Niche?

While inbound marketing should work for any business that uses traditional outbound marketing techniques, the truth of the matter is that it may not be a good fit for certain types of businesses. Inbound marketing is not a quick-fix, set it and forget it proposition. It requires a substantial...Read More >>

Why Cause Marketing Should be Included in Your Company’s Marketing Program

The competition within virtually every business niche today is absolutely fierce, and it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Most markets are at a saturation point, and consumers are hard-pressed to be able to distinguish one brand from another. You’ve tried just about...Read More >>

How Google is Stealing Your Website Traffic

The Knowledge Graph was introduced by Google in May of 2012 with the lofty goal of delivering more relevant and accurate results for search users. This semantic-centered software actually thinks like a human as it identifies and draws a connection between facts about people, places, and things it...Read More >>

Improving Your Customer Service Through Social Media

The average consumer spends more 3 hours a day with at least one social media network, and businesses are increasingly viewing social media as one of the most effective vehicles to “get in front of where the customers are.” Marketers of every size and description are using social media to stay...Read More >>

Ghoulish Social Media Mistakes that Scare Away Fans

Hallows’ Eve (Halloween) – a time to break out the apple cider, lay in a stock of tasty snacks for the little goblins, and prepare to celebrate the return of the Great Pumpkin. As you steel yourself to face a night of unthinkable terror, make sure that common social media marketing mistakes...Read More >>