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5 Critical Elements of Every Successful Social Media Campaign

Social media is an important component of your company’s marketing program. It helps you build and maintain relationships with current and future customers, enhances your customer service, and provides valuable social links that can help boost your search engine rankings. While an effective...Read More >>

How to Protect Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system in use today, powering more than 47 million websites worldwide. Users are attracted to its ease of installation, full customization capabilities, clean user interface, availability of thousands of interchangeable themes and...Read More >>

How to Optimize Your Website for Semantic Search

The future of SEO is semantic technology and in case you haven’t noticed, it’s already here. The introduction of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm in the summer of 2013 served notice on the digital marketing community that the times are indeed a-changin’. SEO as we know it is on the way out...Read More >>

4 Tips to Get Better Results with Your SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization can be a frustrating and expensive proposition, and what’s worst of all, you have no guarantee that your efforts will be met with success. With Google's algorithm updates and tweaks rocking the digital community at the rate of 500 to 600 changes every year – or 1 to 2...Read More >>

Making the Best Marketing Career Choice: In-House or Independent Agency

Marketing is marketing, but the working environment of an in-house department and an independent marketing agency is typically as different as night and day. Both employment alternatives offer marketers a unique set of advantages and disadvantages that should be evaluated on an individual basis...Read More >>

3 Reasons Why Businesses Will Always Need SEO

Famed writer and humorist Mark Twain once wrote that “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Like Twain, SEO was also prematurely pronounced dead yet has continued to confound the critics. While SEO has radically evolved over the years since its first obituary was announced in...Read More >>

Why You Need to Establish Relationships with Editors

One of your best marketing allies is the editor who covers your particular industry or niche. Whether your plans include content marketing to acquire inbound links or public relations to gain favorable press coverage, having the ear of the editors who represent the various blogs, trade journals,...Read More >>

Why Yelp is the Review Site Local Businesses Love to Hate

The problem with circumstantial evidence is that it’s so…. circumstantial. Take the case of Yelp, for example. One restaurant owner complains that the mega-popular review site offered to bury his negative reviews for a price, then somehow “lost” his positive reviews when he failed to pay...Read More >>

Why Social Media May Not be a Good Fit for Your Business

With so many things going for it, social media seems like the perfect marketing tool for practically any business. After all, social media has been proven to boost search engine rankings, drive visitor traffic to websites, and improve customer relations – all in addition to building trust and...Read More >>

Google is Dropping Local Carousel Listings for Some Business Verticals

Google is once again stirring the local search pot with its recent move to eliminate the Local Carousel listings for restaurants, nightlife, hotels, and entertainment. The obtrusive horizontal black Carousel bar is being replaced with a 3-pack of local results in addition to new secondary pages for...Read More >>