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How to Find High-Authority Inbound Links for Your Website

Inbound links are one of the most powerful methods available for improving a website’s position in the search engine rankings, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. Links provide valuable third-party proof of a site’s ability to provide relevant and useful content, and are as...Read More >>

Should You Turn In Your Link-Buying Competitors to the Google Police?

It’s not enough that Google has assumed the role of the world’s Internet police force – tracking down and punishing violators of its ever-changing anti-spam guidelines. Now the search engine giant is actively encouraging business website owners to turn informer against competitive websites...Read More >>

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Organic SEO Campaign

Successful organic SEO is not a “set it and forget it” proposition; like a high-performance engine, it requires constant tweaking and adjusting to achieve optimum results. The only way that you’ll know exactly what to tweak and adjust is by monitoring and analyzing how your organic SEO...Read More >>

4 Ways to Avoid the Pain of Search Engine Algorithm Updates

How well your website fares in the organic search engine rankings is largely dependent on your ability to adapt your strategies to Google’s constantly changing rule book of acceptable SEO techniques. Be forewarned: just trying to stay abreast of the more than 500 algorithm updates that Google...Read More >>

Why You Need to Include Local Signals in Your Organic SEO Campaign

Google’s Place Search and Venice updates of a few years ago were designed to provide users with a more universal, one-stop search experience by blending local and organic search results. That effort continues today with another local algorithm update that has just started to roll out. According...Read More >>

Use Paid Search to Soften the Blow of Google Penalties

The list of forbidden techniques and practices that can earn your website a traffic-killing penalty from Google is long indeed, and seems to grow longer with each passing day. Google updates its organic search ranking algorithm an estimated 500 to 600 times a year. While most are minor in nature...Read More >>

Why Google is Adding HTTPS to Their Search Ranking Algorithm?

You have no doubt seen the prefix “http” at the front of a website URL address and probably wondered what it meant. It’s short for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol” and it is the primary technology used to permit Web users to link and browse. A similar-appearing prefix that you may not be...Read More >>

Harness the Power of Public Relations to Build Quality Penalty-Proof Links

The days of acquiring links with thin, poorly-written irrelevant content or by buying bucketfuls of cheap spammy links are over, and Google is ready to deliver severe ranking penalties to anyone who refuses to abide by their new link building guidelines. What Google wants to see are links that...Read More >>

How Local Businesses can Survive and Thrive in Spite of the Pigeon Update

Google recently rolled out an unnamed (unofficially dubbed the “Pigeon” by Search Engine Land) local search algorithm that has been trampling across the search engine landscape in a manner more consistent with that of a maddened bull elephant than a mild-mannered bird. Some local businesses...Read More >>

No More: Shortcuts Link Building Requires Sweat and Creativity

Back in the good old days, getting top search results ranking was as easy as slapping together a website with content no more sophisticated than that produced in an elementary school writing class. Splurge on a $50 package of 5,000 backlinks delivered within 48 hours and watch the money pour in....Read More >>