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Why You Should Not Use SaaS to Automate Local Page Creation and Optimization

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model for licensing and delivering software. The software is centrally (cloud) hosted and licensed on either on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Also known as “on-demand software,” SaaS is generally accessed through the user’s web browser. One of the...Read More >>

How Outdated SEO Techniques Can Get Your Website Penalized

The SEO industry has reached the point where the number of discredited and outdated “black hat” techniques for improving organic search engine rankings far outweighs the acceptable “white hat” tactics that can be implemented without fear of a Google penalty. Webmasters who continue to...Read More >>

Google Penguin Recovery: When to Remove and When to Disavow Bad Links

Recovery from a Google Penguin penalty is entirely possible, but it will take time and a considerable amount of work to get your organic rankings back. Once an update penalty has been applied against your website, you will not be able to rank no matter what you do until your link profile has been...Read More >>

Why More Inbound Links Won’t Necessarily Improve Your Search Ranking

Inbound links to your website are still one of the most effective ways of improving your search engine rankings, and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Despite the many problems associated with link building, there is simply no better method of measuring the relevance and authority...Read More >>

The Top Website Tracking Alternatives to Google Analytics

Behind every successful website is an analytic tracking platform that measures the day to day performance metrics that help keep the site aligned with the webmaster’s goals. A good analytics platform uncovers opportunities as well as pinpoints any problems that may hinder the digital marketer’s...Read More >>

Why You Need to Include ALT Tags on Your Website

An ALT tag is simply a way of describing a visual image in terms of text. It provides the search engine robots with an explanation of what a web page image represents, in addition to describing images for the benefit of the visually impaired user. ALT tags should be created for every image, video,...Read More >>

Why Your Organic SEO Campaign Will Fail and How You Can Prevent It

While an organic SEO campaign isn’t exactly rocket science, there are a lot of moving parts. As a general rule, the greater the number of moving parts, the greater the odds are that something will go wrong. Just keeping on the good side of Google is a challenging task in itself. The Google search...Read More >>

How to Earn Inbound Links by Building Relationships

Just as a “not interested” response to a sales pitch doesn’t necessarily mean that a sale won’t be made, receiving a “no” to your request for a link doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually receive a link even from webmasters who have previously turned you down. It all depends on your...Read More >>

How Google’s Pigeon Update is Affecting Local Search Referrals and Leads

Google’s Pigeon update has rolled out across the United States, creating a boom in search engine referrals and leads for some businesses and a devastating bust for others. Designed to provide a more pleasant experience for search engine users, the update represents a major effort on the part of...Read More >>

How PageRank Affects Organic Search Rankings

Although Google is understandably reluctant to provide details about how its ranking process works lest it encourage attempts to artificially game the system, we do know that inbound links are one of the most important of the estimated 232 factors that currently comprise Google’s ranking...Read More >>