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Why Yelp is the Review Site Local Businesses Love to Hate

The problem with circumstantial evidence is that it’s so…. circumstantial. Take the case of Yelp, for example. One restaurant owner complains that the mega-popular review site offered to bury his negative reviews for a price, then somehow “lost” his positive reviews when he failed to pay...Read More >>

How to Protect Your Local Business from a Negative Online Reputation

For better or for worse, the Internet has brought about an era of transparency to the marketing community where any business is no more than a single bad review away from a negative online reputation. Consumers have the ability to make or break a business with online reviews and they’re not...Read More >>

Why Outsourcing Your Link Building is a Bad Idea

Back in the day when you could get just about website to rank simply by pointing a ton of backlinks at it, outsourcing link building made sense. Pay your $20 and presto! – 24 hours later you have 10,000 inbound links and your rankings are headed for the stratosphere. Somebody else did the grunt...Read More >>

Short Tail Vs. Long Tail: Which Type of Keyword is Best for Your Website?

Advertising legend David Ogilvy summed up his philosophy about product marketing with the much quoted adage, “The more you tell, the more you sell.” While Ogilvy was probably referring to print media advertising, the idea behind his words still resonates with today’s SEO practitioner: “Use...Read More >>

Link Building for “Boring” Businesses

Not every business niche can associate itself with attention-grabbing cute kids and fuzzy kittens. The truth of the matter is that some industries are simply boring and uninspiring to the average eye. Creating compelling content and generating inbound links for ho-hum business verticals is not...Read More >>

How Static HTML Websites Compare to WordPress Websites

The static HTML (hyper text markup language) website dates back to the earliest days of the Internet. The static label refers to the fact that once built, the website could not be altered or updated without the help of a programmer skilled in HTML. Since each web page on a static HTML site is a...Read More >>

How Google is Stealing Your Website Traffic

The Knowledge Graph was introduced by Google in May of 2012 with the lofty goal of delivering more relevant and accurate results for search users. This semantic-centered software actually thinks like a human as it identifies and draws a connection between facts about people, places, and things it...Read More >>

How to Compete With Multi-Location Businesses

If you own or manage an independent brick and mortar business, chances are you’re facing stiff competition from one or more of the large multiple-location chain stores. These are the “big dogs” that are frequently able to out-maneuver you with a larger advertising budget. Trying to...Read More >>

Will Bigger Smartphone Screens Impact Paid Search?

Despite the fact that smartphones are gradually replacing the desktop as the preferred method of accessing the Internet, mobile device conversions continue to lag behind those of desktops by a considerable margin. A recent RKG Digital Marketing Report found that the smartphone revenue per click...Read More >>

What Every Local Marketer Needs to Know About 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, many marketers are already laying the groundwork for 2015, allocating budgets and evaluating strategies for the coming year. While constant change is about the only certainty in local marketing that can be relied upon, there are certain trends on the horizon for 2015 that...Read More >>