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5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

While fresh content is critically important to the success of any digital marketing campaign, the task of creating a steady flow of fresh material can become a tremendous burden to local businesses operating with limited resources. One highly effective solution to this problem can be found in...Read More >>

New YouTube Cards Designed to Increase Viewer Interaction

YouTube has begun rolling out YouTube Cards, an interactive feature aimed at increasing the audience watching and interacting with TrueView video ads. Cards can be displayed on both desktop and mobile devices, and will eventually replace the current YouTube annotation product. According to...Read More >>

Tell More, Sell More: How Local Search Information Drives Sales

Consumers are hungry for information about local product and service offerings, and the information they obtain from local search is a key factor in determining which local businesses they will shop in-person and eventually buy from. According to an exhaustive study commissioned by Google, three...Read More >>

Best Practices for On-page Website Optimization

SEO can be broken down into two distinct categories: on-page and off-page optimization – both sharing the common goal of improving your website’s ranking in the search engine results. On-page optimization refers to those SEO techniques performed directly on your web pages to improve and enhance...Read More >>

4 Compelling Reasons for Creating a Blog for Your Business

Building an effective website is a lot more difficult than it used to be. Once upon a time, marketers could get by with a basic web page consisting of little more than a few grammatically challenged sentences about why their company was number one, and an out-of-focus photo of the business’...Read More >>

Can Building Links From Expired Domains Help Your SEO?

Ever since Google began shortening the list of acceptable link building practices, webmasters have been burning the midnight oil, experimenting with alternative methods for building quality inbound links. Despite Google’s best efforts, inbound links remain one of the single most effective means...Read More >>

The Importance of Seasonal Marketing Patterns in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

You wouldn’t think of running an ad in your local newspaper for snow shovels in July, so why would you promote seasonal products and services on your website all year round? You wouldn’t – yet that’s basically what you’re doing when you fail to consider seasonal variations in demand for...Read More >>

Top Websites That Offer the Best Curated Content

Just as there is more to being a curator of fine art than hanging paintings on a wall, there is more to being a content curator than publishing a collection of articles on a website. The top content curators display a certain flair for uncovering the best articles and posts available and presenting...Read More >>

The Critical Importance of Relationship Building in Building Backlinks

Quality inbound links are one of the single most important factors that determine how well your website ranks in the organic search results. Despite multiple algorithm updates that have discredited many backlink acquisition tactics, Google still relies heavily on backlinks to weigh the value of...Read More >>

5 Important Reasons for Cleaning Up Your Local Business Listings

One of the most important ranking factors in local SEO is your business presence on relevant local online directories in the form of a citation. According to Moz, citations and external location signals are the third most important factor in local search ranking. A citation is an online mention of...Read More >>