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How Facebook’s is Changing The Future of The Web

For most of the developed world, access to the Internet is such an integral part of daily life that it is largely taken for granted. Every second of the day, people search, stream, chat, Tweet, post status updates, upload, download and find everything from long-term employment to long-term...Read More >>

TechHire Initiative – Federal Student Loans For Coding Boot Camps

The TechHire Initiative Program Middle class range jobs for lower income and young people through multi-sector initiatives in community colleges and universities, non degree tech job training and placement is being offered. The program is called TechHire and is described to be funded by $100...Read More >>

Meet the New Foursquare App Designed to Give Yelp a Run for its Money

Foursquare founder and CEO Dennis Crowley has a new mission in life and it doesn’t include showing rival Yelp any mercy. Locked in a life and death struggle to perfect a sustainable business model, the maverick New York-based Foursquare has literally torn itself in two, splitting its flagship...Read More >>

How to Choose the Right CMS for Your New Website

A content management system (CMS) is a website-building platform that enables people with little or no coding skills to update and manage their own website content. This frees the website owner from having to depend on an expensive programmer for recurring routine tasks. There are two basic types...Read More >>

iPhone 5 – Is Secrecy the Key to Supersized Sales?

With the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, the Digital EYE team weighs in on two marketing strategies – secrecy vs. transparency. iPhone fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of Apple’s 5th generation iPhone. Luckily it appears that fans will soon get a chance to posses the latest...Read More >>

DigitalEYE Interviews Zaibatsu (Reg Saddler) on Digg’s Redesign, User Revolt and The Future of Social Media

DigitalEYE had a chance to interview Zaibastu (Reg Saddler), a heavily influential social media expert who has over 100,000 followers on Twitter and has made a huge impact user news submitted sites such as Digg.  We discussed the new Digg redesign, user revolts and the future of Social Media...Read More >>

What Facebook’s Open Graph Means for Your Business

Brenton Gieser is the President of ConvoSpark, a social media development agency focused on building socially engaging technology on Facebook, mobile devices, and other social media platforms. You can find him discussing the intersection of social media and entrepreneurship on his personal blog,...Read More >>

HOW TO: Integrate Facebook, Twitter and Buzz into Your Gmail

GMAIL USERS: We hope you’ll join the discussion over on Mashable’s Google Buzz account. With more than 9 million posts and comments in two days, Google Buzz has stormed the web like a swarm of locusts. An array of strong features, integration with Gmail and lots of press have turned Buzz...Read More >>

8 Tech Trends To Watch This Week at CES

(CNN) -- If you like bold predictions, here's one, courtesy of the president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, which hosts the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week: "In my 28 years of attending the CES and participating in it and being a part of it and...Read More >>

Full Specs of the NexusOne Revealed

Details we've all been waiting for... the Google Nexus One phone.  We posted a Nexus One Android 2.1 walkthrough video earlier this month and today Engadget has managed to score a full spec sheet for the phone, as well as some details about its release date. According to Engadget’s...Read More >>