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How to Create the Best Buyer Persona for Your Marketing Campaign

A persona refers to the identification and “tagging” of each of the different groups that comprise the best potential purchasers of your products or services. Identifying these sub-groups by name enables you to better see them as real people with real needs. Members of each group, or persona,...Read More >>

The Digital Marketing Strategist’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet

The digital marketing arena contains a vast array of new technologies and techniques, many of which are brand new to even veteran marketers of the traditional school of marketing. To compound the confusion, digital marketing is constantly evolving and redefining itself with an unending stream of...Read More >>

Can Consumer Brands Benefit from A Local Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Mobile marketing and locally targeted search are taking over the digital climate, offering consumers and searchers an experience that combines their love for mobile devices with a more tailored experience. In addition to affecting search, localized mobile marketing also plays an important role in...Read More >>

Five Strategies to Survive in the Digital Marketing World

It is no secret that the digital marketing climate is always transforming, updating and changing with new technology, needs and consumers. Although the industry is always changing, keeping marketers and business owners alike on their toes, there are some methods of keeping up with those changes and...Read More >>

5 Offline Marketing Tactics

For many online businesses, the one thing they could do to generate more profits is to drive more customers to their website. The problem is that the only options seem to invest in search engine optimization campaigns.which may take some time to see a return on their investment or they may not...Read More >>

Part II: Social Intelligence—Gathering Social Media Data

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter are the hottest social media companies on today’s Web – and the data shared and searched on these social networks is highly valuable to organizations. But accumulating social media data presents challenges for marketers unprepared for the difficulties...Read More >>

Social Graph Enhanced by Interest Graph?

Who you know and what you like.  Your Social Graph and your Interest Graph. Are they mutually exclusive...or complementary?  The DigitalEYE Media team thinks you might want to know more about this topic.  So here you go... Brands need the information contained in these graphs if they're...Read More >>

Part IV: Inbound Marketing — Content Draws Attention

In the "Attention Economy," the challenge facing marketers is finding ways to concentrate consumer minds – amidst billions of competing stimuli – on specific products and brands in order to prompt eventual purchasing decisions. The DigitalEYE Media team of Orange County Internet marketing...Read More >>

Part III: Inbound Social Marketing — How to Attract Business

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ — whether it's social networking, video sharing or microblogging, your customers are using social media, and you need to know how to work with this new media to reach them and draw them to you. Social media marketing is a linchpin of any strategic...Read More >>

Part I: Inbound Internet Marketing — Generating Leads, Building Brands

Getting found by customers. That's the goal of inbound "pull" marketing efforts--bringing warm, pre-qualified leads into your sales funnel rather than needing to be constantly reaching outward to cold, uncertain targets. The DigitalEYE Media team of Orange County Internet marketing...Read More >>