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5 Offline Marketing Tactics


Published: March 19, 2013

For many online businesses, the one thing they could do to generate more profits is to drive more customers to their website.

The problem is that the only options seem to invest in search engine optimization campaigns.which may take some time to see a return on their investment or they may not have the budget to run a search engine marketing campaign.

There is an alternative to increasing the number of visitors to a website without having to make a big investment in online traffic generation: offline marketing tactics. They’re reliable, worth the effort and tend to produce returns that are formidable with regard to online traffic generation methods.

Below are five unique offline marketing tactics that can help any business drive a bit more traffic to their website.

Tactic #1: Mobile Advertising
Taxi drivers, bus drivers and non-commercial drivers all drive vehicles that are capable of becoming mobile advertising for any business. With the right graphic and message, this can lead to some of the most effective offline marketing possible.

The added advantage of this is that it can be deployed on as many vehicles as desired.

Tactic #2: Newspaper and Magazine Advertisements
Depending on the target demographic desired by a business, printed media can be an exceptional source for offline visitors. The key to being success with either is to understand who reads each type of media.

The best way to accomplish this is by starting out with smaller publications. When success is achieved this way, then it’s up to the business’s discretion whether it would be cost-effective to scale up.

Tactic #3: QR Code Marketing
A QR code is a relatively small code that can be scanned by devices with a QR code scanner or a camera. Information can then be decoded from them.

The reason that QR codes are effective for offline marketing is because they can be made to open an URL directly in a person’s phone. This instantly converts them into a visitor to the website embedded in the QR code’s instructions.

Tactic #4: Custom Signage
When printed with the right colors and words, a strategically placed sign can amass a large number of visitors to a website.

Grocery stores, busy intersections and anywhere where there is a large number of people to view the sign makes for an effective placement. The one thing to be wary of is where signs can be placed, as some local laws forbid them in certain places.

Tactic #5: Give Things Away
This is probably one of the oldest offline marketing tactics that still work. The way this works is to manufacture things like pens, stamps and other items with a business’s website printed on them.

After these items are given away, they are free advertising so long as those items are used.


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