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Five Strategies to Survive in the Digital Marketing World


Published: May 29, 2013

It is no secret that the digital marketing climate is always transforming, updating and changing with new technology, needs and consumers. Although the industry is always changing, keeping marketers and business owners alike on their toes, there are some methods of keeping up with those changes and surviving the multitude of updates and new ideas.

Know Your Clientele

One of the best ways to keep marketing efforts up to date and continue to reach your audience with valuable messages is by understanding their consumption habits and what they want. By staying with where, how and why consumers are seeking and receiving messages and information, businesses can continue to reach their target market and new consumers as the marketing climate evolves. Research is one of the most valuable methods of understanding audience members and staying with their methods of consumption while comprehending what types of messages and delivery will reach them and spark actions.

Although many consumers are increasingly using mobile devices and tools to seek businesses and messages, knowing what kinds of devices they are using can be invaluable to how a business’s message reaches those consumers. Additionally, not all audiences consume in the same method. Instead, an audience that typically consists of early adopters may different from baby boomers or seniors seeking out or being exposed to a message.

Set Goals

While not every goal may be met and some may be exceeded, setting goals in any aspect of one’s life gives something to hope and strive for. Goals also help create a perception of what could occur while helping set up expectations for others involved in decision-making. When goals are not met, they can help point to additional actions and revamping that should occur in order for those goals to be achieved.

Analyze and Test Results

In addition to understanding who an audience is and looking closely at their consumption habits prior to even creating a message, knowing what they do with a message and how they react following contact is equally imperative to how a business reacts and adjusts. Tracking device types, pages, traffic and sources in order to gauge consumer habits and adjust marketing efforts from there.

Tune Into Oneself

While not all consumers may behave like business owners or marketers, understanding one’s own behavior can be a valuable tool that can reveal more about how to compete and keep up with a changing marketing climate. Looking at the various devices used to seek and be exposed to various videos, social media, messages and news can help reveal what actions audiences may also participate in.

Keep and Open Mind

Staying up on some of the newer methods and technologies is vital to adopting and adapting to a consistently transforming industry and an ever-changing consumer. But while there are many new ideas and methods available, performing adequate research prior to jumping into a new way of performing, tracking or attracting consumers is one of the most important things marketers can do. No matter how exciting a new idea is, knowing how a consumer or audience member will react and adapt to that idea can make or break a business, product or service.

  1. These are the best tips to survive in this digital marking world. Among this analyze and testing is best.


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