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The Top Methods for Generating Cost-Effective Leads for Your Business

Whether your business markets to consumers or to other businesses, your survival depends to a large extent on your ability to attract new customers. When you consider that the average business loses 10 to 30 percent of its customers every year, the need to replace that lost revenue becomes mission...Read More >>

Twitter Tests Buy “Now Button” e-Commerce Platform

Twitter is offering social media users the opportunity to shop while they Tweet through its “Buy Now Button” shopping platform, currently being tested with a select group of brands and artists including Burberry, (RED), Keith Urban, and The Home Depot. If all goes well, Twitter is expected to...Read More >>

How Your Website’s Contact Page Bounce Rate Affects Your Business

A contact page is one of the most important and least utilized components of the average website. The contact page is where visitors to your website can find the information they need to reach out to you in whatever manner they feel most comfortable with – whether that’s by sending an email,...Read More >>

Amazon Gears Up to Give Google AdWords a Run for its Money

Ecommerce powerhouse Amazon is putting the final touches on Amazon Sponsored Links, its online advertising platform that appears to be aimed squarely at Google’s estimated $50 billion per year slice of the digital advertising pie. An official launch date has yet to be announced but industry...Read More >>

Building a Sustainable Brand Online

Originally, the term ‘sustainability’ was most often used to describe the long-term profit potential of a brand. Today, a sustainable brand is used to characterize a business as having a green, or ecologically correct, operating philosophy. Whether you refer to it as a sustainable, green or...Read More >>

How to Profitably Leverage Mobile Paid Search

The growth of the mobile industry is a phenomenon that seemingly knows no bounds. An estimated 57 percent of the U.S. population already owns a smartphone, and spends an average of 2 hours each day socializing, shopping, and surfing on their mobile device. The time spent in front of a mobile...Read More >>

How Your Company can Benefit by Understanding Your Customer’s Voice

Voice of the Customer (VoC) refers to the preferences and experiences that are expressed by your customers as they relate to your company, products, and employees. The process includes the collection and sharing of valuable feedback information among all employees involved in product development,...Read More >>

Align Your Marketing and Sales Efforts to Increase Lead Generation

The art or science, if you prefer, of sales has come a long way from the days of Henry Ford’s declaration that customers could have any color of automobile they wanted as long as it was black. That was the product era, when affordable mass-produced goods were scarce, and the public for the most...Read More >>

David-sized Vurb Battles Goliath-sized Google for Mobile Search

Contextual search engine startup Vurb was recently named the winner of the Disrupt Cup 2014 at New York’s TechCrunch, adding $50,000 of prize money to its war chest of $8 million in venture capital funding. The San Francisco-based tech company is currently in closed beta mode with a mobile-based...Read More >>

How to Structure Your Paid Search Campaigns

A properly laid out pay-per-click (PPC) account structure not only affects your quality score but is the single most important factor in determining how well your PPC campaign performs. Whether you’re planning on using Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo’s adCenter, or one of the many second-tier search...Read More >>