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Twitter Reclaiming The Retweet Button

Twitter is quickly shaping up to be a powerful force in the social media world. Today, its building up its core service by absorbing a commonly used Tool; The Tweet Button. Often left to third party services and some clever HTML, it’s being officially ‘introduced’ by Twitter...Read More >>

Quality Of Followers Rule Over Quantity On Twitter

A recent study conducted by HP Labs ties in to something I wrote recently; when recruiting followers, quality rules over quantity. This time, it's applied to Twitter. HP Labs has performed some research and concluded that the influence a Twitter user has comes down to the quality of their...Read More >>

How To Get the Best Social Media Followers – Quality Wins Over Quantity

A common mindset associated with social media: 'the more friends you have, the higher your status.’ Numbers can show how influential you are on the web (klout score) but numbers aren't everything. Sure, your company page may have thousands of fans but what if they’re only there for a quick...Read More >>

Top 10 World Cup Twitter Trends

For continuous World Cup coverage, check out Mashable’s 2010 World Cup Hub, which will be updated throughout the games. Who’s winning in the World Cup? There are plenty of scores and stats for that. Which teams and players are winning the hearts and minds of the Twitterverse? ...Read More >>

HOW TO: Integrate Facebook, Twitter and Buzz into Your Gmail

GMAIL USERS: We hope you’ll join the discussion over on Mashable’s Google Buzz account. With more than 9 million posts and comments in two days, Google Buzz has stormed the web like a swarm of locusts. An array of strong features, integration with Gmail and lots of press have turned Buzz...Read More >>

The Importance of Real-Time

The momentum, was too strong. Real-time search — and Google’s (Google) inability to beatTwitter at it — became a huge trend in 2009. Everyone wanted a piece of it, and Twitter had the goods. When you want to find out what’s happening right now, this very minute,...Read More >>

4 of the Web’s Hottest Social APIs

The API (Application Programming Interface) has been an essential component for creating applications that hook into or utilize web apps such as Twitter and Facebook.  With it, developers have been able to create some amazing mashups and tools.   Some of the most helpful and oft-used...Read More >>

Twitter is Not Your Average Social Network

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review reveals that most Twitter users don’t actually use the service much, or even at all.  In fact, 10% of active users are responsible for over 90% of all Tweets. According to the research, conducted on a random sample of about 300,000 Twitter...Read More >>

Facebook’s 2010 Revenue Estimated at $710 Million

Facebook recently passed 350 million users worldwide, but the lingering question about the social network (and social media in general) is if it’s making any money. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the answer seems to be that at the least, revenue, if not profits, at social...Read More >>

Start and Run a Successful Twitter Chat

If you spend enough time on Twitter, chances are you’ll come across an occasional chat being held on the platform. Twitter chats are scheduled gatherings of people on Twitter to discuss pretty much anything that interests them, using a #hashtag to keep track of the conversation. There are...Read More >>