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Top 10 SEO Twitter Profiles & Social Media Blogs To Follow

SEO insight is hard to find and to learn the techniques many experts use is time consuming. However, some SEO gurus share their on Twitter, for free. This list takes a look at the top 5 SEO and Social Media experts on Twitter and their Blogs. You'll find insight on anything from keywords to...Read More >>

Socially Edible: The Menu To Online Networking And Conversations For Restaurants

Social networking is extremely powerful when used correctly. Smaller businesses and burgeoning brands don’t know where to start. This guide will help your restaurant use Social Media to bring in new customers. Foursquare, The Check-in Service Foursquare is a location-based (sometimes...Read More >>

Are You Doing Social Media Right? Here’s Three Tips To Increase Your Social Branding

Social Media is quickly becoming a viable tool for brands to use. However, some companies and even small-time users are making simple mistakes that effectively kill their brand. Create A Social Media Battle Plan! Often times people dive in to Social Media without a clue on what to do. While using...Read More >>

Social Media In Review: The Social Network Music Score, Golden Spoon And #FollowFriday

Every Friday Digital Eye will be taking a look at trending topics across the web and Blog-o-sphere to highlight what's going on in the world of Social Media. The Social Network The Social Network, a movie directed by David Fincher on Facebook's early years is slated to hit theaters October 1st....Read More >>

My Take On The Future Of Social Media In Journalism

Social Media is a constantly evolving tool that anyone from professional journalists to corporate Bloggers can use to get their voice out. The future is bright and ever changing. Vadim Lavrusik of Mashable wrote a great post on the future of Social Media in journalism. A lot of the points he...Read More >>

Blogging On The iPad: Great Apps Bloggers Can Use

As a Blogger for Digital Eye, I've always been enticed by the iPad; 3G data connectivity, iOS and a large touch screen? Sounds like mobile productivity heaven. I put the iPad through the test of adapting to my workflow for writing and it comes out on top. Tweetdeck iTunes Link Tweetdeck is one...Read More >>

10-Point Social Media Strategy For Bands To Interact Online – Part 2 (Analytics And Feedback)

Social media is a constantly-evolving space and now more than ever it is crucial to interact with fans and promote your band. This article will focus on measuring your band's influence through Social Media and how to gauge your interactions with fans. This is a continuation from 10-Point Social...Read More >>

DigitalEYE Interviews Zaibatsu (Reg Saddler) on Digg’s Redesign, User Revolt and The Future of Social Media

DigitalEYE had a chance to interview Zaibastu (Reg Saddler), a heavily influential social media expert who has over 100,000 followers on Twitter and has made a huge impact user news submitted sites such as Digg.  We discussed the new Digg redesign, user revolts and the future of Social Media...Read More >>

10-Point Social Media Strategy For Bands To Interact Online – Part 1

I previously wrote about how bands were kicking ass at using social media and how your brand or business could take note of it, but what if you're not an influential rock band and need to find your own social media strategy? All of us strive for something when it comes to music, whether it's...Read More >>

How Bands Are Kicking Ass With Social Media

Bands have always been one to push new ideas whether it comes to music or other art forms but over the years, they've constantly pushed the envelope on the adoption and execution of social media. Any business or brand should take note on what these groups are doing in the online space, they'd be...Read More >>