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15 Creative Strategies For Using Instagram To Turbocharge Your Branding

Published: July 20, 2015

Established as a fun way to share pictures between friends, Instagram is so much more! Whether you’re posting on your iPhone or any smartphone, Instagram is a great source for continuous branding lead generation opportunities throughout the country and worldwide.

1. Profile Picture: You’ll need to add a profile picture to your Instagram account. Now, in order to really make a good impression, you’ll want to choose an image that is eye-catching and relative to your branding efforts. Whether you’re building up your personal or business branding, you only get one chance to lure the follower, so make it count!

2. Strong User Name: When you set up your Instagram account, you’ll be asked to give a username. This is an excellent opportunity to give potential followers an idea of what your brand is all about. Make sure you choose your username wisely. Whether you’re username is the same as your address or something else that really shines, this is your chance to impress your audience.

3. Description, Introduction: Maybe more important that the picture, you want the description or intro to your Instagram to really outshine any competitors. Use easy-to-understand wording, and make your description brief. Get right to the point and provide your potential followers with a clear-cut understanding of your brand and the perks of following you.

4. Insert Your Link to Instagram: A simple yet very effective way to add a personal touch to your professional website is adding a link to your social networks. Give your website visitors a look into your Instagram page so they can get a good idea of your brand and what it has to offer. Whether you sell houses or makeup, when you offer a link to social network pages, you start the process of a professional bond and connection.

5. A Picture Each Day: It’s imperative that you keep all content updates and fresh. This also applies to your Instagram account. In order to boost your branding efforts on Instagram, you’ll need to post at least one picture a day. Even if it’s a simple picture, maybe one of a flower outside of your office, either way, keep the content fresh. When you’re consistent with your Instagram branding methods, you’ll start to build a bigger following.

6. #Hashtags: Make sure, no matter what you’re posting, that you always add a #hashtag to your pictures on Instagram. Hashtag content is searchable, and this is a great method for targeting buyers or followers. You should use no less than 10 hashtags per picture. Make them relevant to your brand and targeted towards your product or services.

7. Link All Social Platforms: You’ll want to connect your Instagram account to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. The more social sites that you connect together, the better your exposure will be. Should you decide to your Instagram account for marketing purposes, go all out! Share each and every post, hashtag and picture on every single platform. This gives your brand a consistent look and reliable impression.

8. Steer Clear of Spam: No one likes spam, so don’t ruin your brand by spamming pictures or messages. Sales ads can be boring, and if you post the over and over, no one will follow you. Give your followers current, interesting content to view and read. Try to never repeat yourself, and keep your post at least 30 minutes apart from one another.

9. Instagram Followers App: You’ll want to keep track and monitor your new followers, so it’s a good idea to get this application so you can keep up. This allows you the opportunity to send out welcome texts or hashtags to new followers.

10. Install the Follow Mat: This app makes the unfollow process simple and quick. You don’t want to follow people who don’t want to follow back, and this application takes care of that situation. This wonderful app also allows you to follow those who are currently following you; a win-win for each party involved and a great branding opportunity.

11. Get the Instaquote Application: With Instaquote, you’ll be able to edit pictures on text before posting on Instagram. It’s a great app for last-looks.

12. Follow to Get Followed: An important step in your Instagram branding efforts—follow others. You’ll want to follow around 50 businesses or individuals each day to build your own brand following. People like to follow ones who follow them, so this is a fantastic method for developing your Instagram brand.

13. Stay Up-To-Date on Current Trends: See what others are posting on Instagram and find your own content or pictures that go with the flow of the trends. Of course, you’ll want to ensure you’re keeping your photos on target with your brand, but they need to be interesting and popular. Find ways to incorporate your business or services into new trending ideas.

14. Partner Up With a “Cause”: A wonderful way to not only give back but to develop and promote your brand is to implement a “Cause” on your Instagram page. Whether it’s Breast Cancer Awareness, Autism, or Hunger, adding a cause to your brand will build trust and give you the opportunity to give back to people in need.

charity_ water (@charitywater)

charity_ water (@charitywater)

15. Promote Your Instagram: It’s a good idea to include your Instagram address on your business cards, posters, mailings, or anything in-between. We’ve already determined that Instagram builds your brand’s credit or character, so include a link on everything you do online or mail out.

Keep it Fun! In the end, Instagram is supposed to be fun. Although you’re serious about your business or brand, you have to reach everyday people. In order to make the best impressions, keep your photos and messages lighthearted. Even serious post can be lighthearted, so make the effort to reach people on their level. One really cool thing about Instagram is that everything is mobile and can be done on the go. You don’t have to be at the office to get work done on this social media platform.


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