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Photo Editing Apps You Can Master on Your Phone

Published: March 3, 2016

Business marketing today is all about the almighty image. Images can capture two-thirds more sets of eyes than text alone and generate up to 94 percent more views. But here is the kicker – images only work in your marketing favor when they are high quality.

A high quality, compelling image can increase inbound web traffic (both organic and paid) by 60 percent or more. However, a low quality, generic image may achieve the exact opposite, and send customers running headlong towards your competitors.

In this post, learn about easy-to-master mobile photo editing apps that are inexpensive or free. With these apps, you can create original graphics that act as rocket launchers for your marketing campaign.

App #1: Snapseed.

Snapseed Example Some experts claim that Snapseed is the best of the best when it comes to mobile apps for photo editing. You can choose between portrait and landscape mode, select from a wide variety of filters (including presets if you prefer) and editing options that can fine-tune nearly everything about your chosen image.

What you need to know: It is available for download for both iOS and Android devices and is free. One of the best ways to use Snapseed is for Instagram marketing.


App #2: Word Swag.

Word Swag makes it ridiculously easy to add cool text in unusual fonts to any graphic or photo image. You can create your own text or browse from hundreds of suggested captions, quotes and sayings. The app makes selecting the perfect layout easy – just tap and go.

What you need to know: The app is for iOS devices only at this time, and the cost is $3.99. Word Swag is a fabulous app for enhancing blog posts and social feed content.


App #3: Fused.Fused app for photos

As the name suggests, Fused gives you the ability to make a mashup of a photo and video, two photos or two videos. You can import your own unique photos and videos or browse the in-app collection to choose your favorites.

From here, you can choose your blending mode (20 to choose from), adjust for color and hue, share instantly to your social feeds and more.

What you need to know: Fused is free and it is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. Fused can help you effortlessly create cool YouTube or Vimeo videos that are viral-ready shareable content (video is still the number one most popular type of social content shared today).




 App #4: Pic Collage.

Pic Collage advertises itself as a “party for your photos.” But if you do a lot of marketing on Pinterest, this is precisely the effect you want to achieve. Pic Collage gives you the freedom and flexibility to create collages galore.

You can also browse their in-app collection of stickers, backgrounds and templates to achieve just the right look and feel.

What you need to know: Pic Collage is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon Fire. It is free and particularly helpful for Pinterest marketing and to create visually compelling shop content.


App #5: Over.

Using Over App for Graphics


Over takes you beyond the realm of just text and images and gives you the flexibility to create posters, flyers and other types of print marketing content.

What you need to know: Over is available for download for iOS and Android devices. It may be slightly easier to use on a tablet than a phone. The app is free for iOS and $3.99 for Android.






App #6: Fly.

Fly is actually a suite of apps (Fly, Tempo, Clips, Crop), all of which are designed to make video creation and editing simple. Each app addresses one essential function of creating viral shareable video content.

Fly. Fly won the App Store 2014 “Best Of” award. Features include cuts to edit any video, transitions to smooth edits, music and voiceover for ambience, split screen comparisons and even “picture in picture,” which lets you create a close-up out of any video clip.

Tempo. If you enjoy using extras like Time-lapse and Slo-Mo (slow motion), Tempo is the app for you. You can speed up or slow down at will to highlight the key moments in any video and add music to complete the effect.

Clips. Clips lets you create one long video from a series of edited clips. You can also pull together clips from different videos into one longer video. Best of all, you can add transitions, a music soundtrack and audio voiceover.

Crop. The Crop app is all about (you probably guessed it) cropping. It can also address the awkward phenomenon of vertical video content and convert these videos into an appealing landscape format.

What you need to know: All four apps are free and available for iOS. The suite has been recently acquired by Google, so expect Android versions in the near future.


App #7: Studio Design.Studio Design app example

Finally, Studio helps you design graphics from any photo by adding custom text, adjusting color, creating layers and instantly sharing your content to your social feeds. The app is touted as being akin to a music studio for photos with its graphics editing and remixing capabilities.

What you need to know: The app is available to download for iOS and Android devices. It is free. Instagram marketers will find this app invaluable.








These seven apps can transform the graphics, videos, collages and photos you use for your company marketing campaigns and generate fresh sets of eyes to see and share your content. Each app offers a different strength and focus so you have a full set of graphics tools at your disposal while at home, in the office or on the go. With the help of these apps, you can market your business in fresh new ways whenever an idea strikes!



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