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How To Tag Friends And Pages On Facebook


Published: January 2, 2011

Tagging friends or pages is a great way to promote things you like. Friends often tag pages to suggest interests within their network. It’s great way to find which bands your friends are listening to, which brands they like and what activities they do – here’s how to start tagging.

How To Tag A Page Or Friend In Your Status Update

If you’ve ever replied to someone publicly on Twitter, then you’ll know how to tag a friend or page in your Facebook status update. Typing the @ sign followed by the first letter of the page or friend you want to mention will bring up a menu of possible selections.

Typing “@” brings up a menu of friends and pages to choose from

Facebook will generate a link to the friend or page you mentioned

Tagged pages show up in search results

Why It’s Great For Brands On Facebook

Encouraging users to tag your page is a great way to generate interest through word of mouth. Friends trust what their friends suggest or promote on Facebook. It’s very easy to track who tagged or mentioned your page by searching for it on Facebook then selecting “View All Results” then “Find Posts By Everyone/Friends.”


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