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Top 5 Best Marketing Automation Tools


Published: May 8, 2015

In a new business environment driven by advancements in technology, it is incumbent on every business owner and manager to learn to use the tools that are available in the marketplace. These tools are being developed to help make every single aspect of running a company more efficient and profitable. Those companies that fall behind the competition will have a difficult time surviving against those owners/manager who embrace new Internet marketing technology.

Innovations in Online Marketing
Over the past five years, there has been a marked change in how companies reach out to potential customer through the Internet. With the advent of new inbound and content marketing processes, marketing managers throughout the world are finding easier and more efficient ways of building their customer base. It would seem the next innovation in online marketing techniques has arrived. With the automated marketing tools currently available, companies are now able to increase its focus on closing sales instead of driving business to the website.

Top 5 Best Marketing Automation Tools
As new automated marketing tools continue flooding the marketplace, marketing managers should always be aware of the latest trends and the best pieces of software available. While quite a few of the current packages seem to be worthy contenders, there are five that seem to stand out above the rest.

1. Hubspot – Hubspot is one of the few full-scale, all-in-one packages available. With all the software’s functionality, it sits as one of the very best marketing automation tools for small businesses. The appeal of Hubspot’s software is while it doesn’t delve deeply into any one area, it provides basic functionality in many of the necessary areas. Specifically, the product comes with a customer relationship management module as well as automated lead generation and client tracking. The software is easy to use at a very affordable price.

2. Extole – This is a unique automated marketing tool that focuses on referral business. The software is set up to motivate current clients to spread the word and bring in new clients. Through this process, loyalty agreements can be generated to reward clients for participation. This is the perfect package for a start up online retailer and it comes at an affordable price.

3. – This particular software package focuses on targeting customers based upon their prior interactions with the company. Emails can be generated that are customized for each client, making them both relevant and personal. The product also comes with management tools (reporting) and A/B email testing, which is a great tool for evaluation the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

4. Bronto – This product was developed specifically for online e-commerce companies. It integrates nicely with many popular e-commerce packages. The primary advantage that comes with package is the ability to automatically follow up with customers who went all the way to shopping cart status before abandoning a purchase. It can also be used to initiate automatic marketing campaigns directed at customers who have just completed the purchasing process.

5. Marketo – This highly functional software package allows marketing managers to initiate and tract automated emailing campaigns. It also has a back end module that provides a lot of useful tools for the sales team. Marketo is one of the more established software packages on the market and it comes at a moderate price.

All of these tools are designed to streamline the marketing process while allowing managers and sales people to focus on closing sales and developing new campaigns.


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