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5 Reasons why Content is King


Published: June 10, 2014

“Content is King” is a catch-phrase that everyone is buzzing about in the IT world. Google’s algorithm has everyone nervous about finding whatever they need to improve their ranking and increase traffic for more sales conversions. There are numerous reasons why experts think content is king. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Social Media is One Reason that Content is King
  2. The power of social media is amazing when it comes to content. With the power of social media, content can become viral and reach millions of potential customers. Many companies have managed to get millions of followers and tweets from an authoritative piece relating to the product or service they are selling. When companies see that their sales are improving, they know that it’s working. That’s why so many people are investing money in social media because they want to take advantage of the benefits of viral content. Studies have shown that 48 percent of consumers will check their social media accounts before making a purchase if they don’t know or trust the brand. This is good news for companies that use content to influence sales.

  3. Email Marketing is Another Reason that Content is King
  4. To launch a successful email campaign, you should have amazing and compelling content. Content should engage the audience and encourage them to buy. If companies send you great content and try to help you improve your business or lifestyle with their products, this is more effective than sending a message telling you to buy over and over. Many companies use covert marketing to help them sell their products or services with content.

  5. Businesses Rely on Content for Public Relations
  6. Press releases help to inform the public of a new development with your product,service, or brand. Content marketing can help you get in front of people that have no experience with your product or service and sell them on it. Whether you have a new line of clothes to promote or a application, content can help you gain the trust of your customers. When customers trust, they tend to buy.

  7. Viral Content Can Generate Inbound Links
  8. Sometimes if you combine forces, you can increase your ranking. Viral content can increase your inbound links, and inbound links can increase your website’s ranking. Links are important to the success of any website. It can not only increase ranking,but it will bring new and targeted visitors that may purchase products and services. Content is often a spring board to help in other areas.

  9. Content Brings Steady Streams of Traffic
  10. If you’re searching for a sustainable traffic stream, there is no better way to do it than to create content. People are constantly on the Internet searching for information. If they find information about your product and service and they find it helpful, they are more apt to revisit your page to learn more. This will bring more traffic and hopefully, more sales.

There are so many reasons why content is king. Explore the many benefits and ensure that you incorporate content into your plan to generate traffic and sales. When you’re selling more, you’ll become a more successful business owner.

  1. Michael Pachulski says:

    Really great info!

  2. Gary Brewer says:

    Thanks Michael I appreciate you reading it!


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