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Top 5 Best Content Promotion Tactics


Published: April 27, 2015

There is little value in creating good content if there is nowhere to go with it. The more ways you can find to promote the company’s content, the more valuable that content becomes. For many marketing managers, publishing and promoting content is a fairly new concept. As they continue to gain exposure and experience in doing so, they will begin to recognize all the available avenues for spreading the word.

Developing a Pathway for Content Marketing
The content you choose to promote should be the culmination of an overall marketing strategy. Any effective content marketing strategy is going to have two key components, the content and the chosen distribution channels. Using these two components, there is two ways to attack the process. The first way is to develop the content (social media campaign, blogs, news articles, info-graphics, email) and then find the proper distribution channels for all that information. The other way to approach the process is to determine which distribution channels figure to bring the best responses and then develop content specifically for each channel.

Top 5 Best Content Promotion Tactics
The wonderful thing about online marketing managers is their willingness to share ideas. Through their own experiences, they have already identified tactics that have proven to be successful. Of course, there are hundreds of available seminars and lots of educational material explaining content marketing concepts. However, the best information comes from hands on people who have already achieved success with their tactics. Here are five of the best tactics currently recommended by some of the business world’s best content managers.

1. Distribute Content Through Email – An email list is a powerful link between a company and its customers. The bigger the list, the more powerful the tool becomes. Why not promote your content directly to the people on your email list? it’s a great PR move because your email customers have already developed the habit of opening your emails and might appreciate getting the company’s content material without having to seek it out.

2. Use Social Media as Much as Possible – It doesn’t take a mathematician to understand how rapidly social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can spread the word, any word. By spreading your content through social media channels on a frequent basis, the number of potential customers that will see your marketing material becomes a function of how many friends and friends of friends your original content goes out to. Your contacts will share marketing content, making this tactic capable of reaching millions of people over a short period of time.

3. Put Blog Posts Into Syndication – Once you have refined your blogging skills, your content stands a better chance of being accepted on other blogs. With your best content, you can build a syndication of bloggers that are willing to host your content on a regular basis.

4. Develop Content Community Ties – This is a great way to reach out and connect with other bloggers who share similar ideas. By jumping in a initiating guest posts of relevance, you will find gradual acceptance into the community. This is not the place to focus solely on self-promotion. It’s best to reach out and promote other content as well, confirming that sense of community.

5. Share With Peers – By sharing with other content managers in you arena, you can develop mentoring relationships. These relationships can be invaluable when members of your peer group start offering useful advice on how to better develop your content.

You can be a smart content manager without being a genius. It requires more than great content. You also need to find the best way to disburse that content. The tactics mentioned above are but a snapshot of great ways to reach millions of potential customers. If boosting sales is your objective, these kinds of numbers will start adding up to success.


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