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3 Tips to Launch A Successful Content Marketing Campaign


Published: December 4, 2012

The holidays are now in full swing, trees have been trimmed, halls have been decked and lights have been hung, but for businesses this means it is our last opportunity to make a final push to drive revenue before the close of the fourth quarter. Today we provide for you three tips on how to create a successful holiday campaign.

Speak To Your Target Audience’s Interests

Gone are the days of generic advertising. With today’s advances in technology, we have the ability to track and analyze almost every aspect of our target audience, via analytics and other tracking software. Use this information to your advantage and create campaigns with the likes and dislikes of your target audience in mind but don’t get too precise and alienate potential new customers or readers. Always keep the reader in mind!

Solve Customers Problems

The last thing people want during the end of the year is another thing to do. Don’t create campaigns so detailed that what you’re selling overwhelms your audience. Using too much selling or marketing on your content will be seen as SPAM by the people you are attempting to read. Market your product or service so that it will fill a need for your customer. Focus on creating content that gives the impression that what you offer is going to make your customers life easier.

Create Interactive Content

When creating your holiday campaign, make sure it is multi-faceted and delivered on multiple platforms, such as; FeedBurner, RSS, Social Media, and other content marketing channels. Put an emphasis on interactive content – content in which target audience and customers can touch as well. Create Facebook contests or polls or even develop a mobile app for your campaign. Evergreen content will always keep blogs and article relevant and linkable, since it’s always on point regardless of how many years go by.

By following these three basic content creation tips, you will be able to ring in the new year with more readers, engagement across all social media channels, increase traffic to your blog or website, and generate more traffic and leads. Enjoy, and let the content begin to flow.


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