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How to Use Google Currents to Monitor Industry Trends


Published: January 30, 2013

Courtesy of Google Play

In today’s world, it is vitally important to be connected to the hive mind as often as possible. Whether you are sitting in your office or riding the train to work, it’s important to be able to stay up to date with all of the latest news in the world. Whether you are a stock broker or just someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends, Google Currents is the perfect app to use when you need to see what’s going on out there. Globalization continues to become more prevalent with each passing year, so it’s important to make sure that you are able to keep up with the news in other parts of the world. Knowledge is power, and the only way to stay knowledgeable these days is to use certain apps to keep yourself up to date with everything.

What Kind of Industry Information Can You Get with Google Currents?

Google Currents is the perfect app for anyone who needs to stay plugged into the happenings of the world. You will be able to track all of the latest movements in any industry when you use this app, and you will also be able to verify that the information you are receiving is valid. Plenty of reputable names in the news industry are linked through Google Currents, so you will be able to track news from various publications that you have become used to seeing over a long period of time.

Track the Top Stories in the World

Google Currents also plugs into Google Trends to keep you up to date on the biggest trends in each industry. You will be able to get the top five stories for any industry throughout the day, and these stories will change throughout the duration of your work day. This means that you no longer have to seek out information because Google Trends will bring the most important stories to you as quickly as possible.

Plug Into RSS Feeds

If you are worried about missing out on the latest posts from your favorite SEO or industry bloggers, then you can calm down and rest easy. Google Currents easily integrates with your Google Reader account, so you will have quick access to any of your favorite content through RSS feeds. Google Currents will actually organize your feeds for you and deliver them to you as an online magazine.

How Do I Get Google Currents?

If you would like to start using Google Currents today, then you just need to go to your favorite app store. The app is currently available on iOS and Android, so you will be able to get this app on phones from Apple and Google, or you can download it here. There is no word as to when this app will be available for Windows or Blackberry phones.


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