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13 Questions to Get your Digital Marketing Strategy Back On Track

Published: October 6, 2015

In order for your business to become successful or continue success, you have to make certain that your digital marketing strategy is on track.

Listed below are 13 questions to ask yourself about your campaign:

Is your website up to date?

While you’ve been busy planning new marketing strategies, have you allowed your website to fall behind? It’s crucial that you keep the content, both visual and reading, up-to-date. In order for your current and new website visitors to like your page and then come back, you have to keep the pages pleasing to the eye and new.

Are you using Instagram?

If you’re not using Instagram in your marketing campaign, you need to get with the program. By generating popular phrase and taglines like food porn or the term selfie, Instagram has not only put itself on the social network map, but it has now become a major player in the digital marketing world.

Do you know what a Lookalike Audience is?

Facebook lookalike audience is a newer, exciting approach to reaching targeted audiences. It allows users (page owners) to create a customized audience–based on what content your Facebook page provides and what your brand has to offer. Lookalike Audience links you (your brand) to people who have interests in what you have to offer.

Is your digital marketing repetitive?

Just as we get tired of the same ole’ commercial on T.V., followers of your blog, page, or social networks get tired of seeing the same visuals and content campaigns. Keep your strategies fresh; offer your viewers something new. Don’t rely on something just because it worked for a week or two. You have to give the audience something new to snack on.

Does your digital marketing campaign include using email?

If you’re not asking your visitors to sign up for a newsletter because you don’t have one, you’re missing the boat. Not only should you have a “sign-up now” section on all of your pages, you should have a fresh, new email campaign waiting for new users when they do sign up. Although it is true, some people never read emails, many others will check their email on an hourly basis. This is why it’s important that you not only have an email campaign setup, but that you also ensure that your email headlines are eye-catching.

Are you utilizing Facebook Ads?

So, we’re not just talking about text or content ads, we’re talking about Cost Per Pixel ads on Facebook. Pixels give us the opportunity to follow-up on new likes or visitors. These pixels give brands the chance to target offers made to visitors that’s based solely on other pages that they’ve previously visited. If you’re trying to get your digital campaign back on track, don’t forget to utilize Facebook ads–particularly Cost Per Pixel.

Does your campaign include Youtube? If so, are you using the new Click-to-Shop add-on?

Because we live in a fast, too-busy-to-read society, it’s vital that you offer your viewers more digital options when you’re looking to market your brand. Youtube is the perfect solution to this issue as it allows businesses to promote their product or services via video. What’s more, is now, Youtube allows users to add the option to clck-to-shop. Click-to-shop means that at the end of your video, your link is displayed so that the viewer can click to continue on to your website or product page.

Is Twitter a huge part of your Digital Marketing campaign?

At risk for sounding like a child, everyone else is doing it… Everyone, well almost the entire planet, is using Twitter. If you want to reach as many people as you can, you have to establish a Twitter account for your brand and use it. Twitter is a showcase opportunity for your small business and shows that your brand is “current” or “cool”. If your campaign does not include Twitter, you need to start the campaign ASAP.

Are you blogging? If you’re blogging, are you using the right visuals or videos?

Of course, blogging provides your brand with ample SEO opportunity, but it’s also a great way to increase your digital marketing efforts. When you blog, you can drive traffic to your website and even position yourself or your product as an industry leader. What’s more, blogging enables you to develop a better relationship with your customers. You’re able to reach your current and new clients in a way hat gives you the floor to speak about anything you want without risk of being interrupted.

Do you have a digital PR strategy?

Digital PR works to blend traditional approaches with new digital and content marketing strategies that include both social media and search. It allows you to convert static news into communication by bypassing media in order to reach your target audience directly online.

Does your campaign focus on Mobile Marketing First?

Because so many people use their iPhones or smartphones to go online, it’s important that you ensure you’re concentrating on mobile marketing when planning out your digital marketing campaigns. Not only should your website be optimized for mobile, you should incorporate mobile-friendly visuals and videos to ensure you get the most exposure you can.

Are you annoying or intriguing your customers or potential clients?

One email, or one Facebook post every few hours should suffice. You don’t want to irritate your followers or potential clients. Even if your information is compelling, if you’re overdoing it, you’ll likely lose their attention and their business. Keep your visuals and content (when it comes to ads or post) short and sweet.

Have you provided your website or social network followers the option to share the content?

On your website, you should have the options for users to “share this” content. Even if you’re already on the social network site, you want to encourage your readers or likers to “share this content with a friend”. Sharing should always be encourages as it’s free advertising and a way for you to build your following.


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