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5 Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency: Advice for Business Owners


Published: June 11, 2015

With constant changes taking place in digital marketing from one year to the next, it has become nearly impossible for business owners to stay up with recent trends while trying to manage the business. Many of these digital marketing changes involve complicated new technologies and processes. It’s simply unreasonable to expect a busy business owner to have the kind of expertise needed to manage both the overall business as well as the digital marketing process.

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Given the importance of being able to effectively market goods and services online, the digital marketing process demands a company’s full attention. The reality is most buyers, even if they make the actual purchase in a brick and mortar location have already made the buy decision based on research conducted online.  If the business owner or internal personnel have neither the time nor the expertise to put forth a proper and effective digital marketing campaign, it might be necessary to call on a professional digital marketing agency to come in and manage the part or all of the digital marketing strategy and campaign execution.  These agencies are filled with talented individuals who have received both the educational and hands on training in the field. Through this training and experience, they have learned what works from one industry to the next. They also have IT personnel that stay current on recent technological trends. It’s difficult for some business owners to let go and bring in outside experts to handle important functions. However, it often makes good business sense with so much on the line and particularly in such a dynamic segment.

5 Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

Of course, there has to be inherent benefits to making this type of commitment. As a business decision, the choice to invest in outside expertise from a digital marketing agency comes with a requisite set of expectations. Those expectations usually include better lead generation and higher levels of profitability. Assuming those things can be delivered, common benefits derived from working with a digital marketing agency include:

1. Extensive Technical Knowledge Base – Over the past few years, digital marketing has experienced tremendous growth as more companies join in on the fun of running at least a portion of its business in an online environment. With the wide variety of industries needing to market goods online, marketing innovators have developed processes and tools to help online marketers reach customers. Digital marketing agencies have been exposed to many if not all of these concepts. They have a great sense of what works for each type of company and they know how to develop and implement the appropriate digital marketing strategy.

2. Time Savings – As mentioned above, business owners usually have their hands full trying to run the day to day operations of their business. It would be difficult for them to find enough time to address the company’s digital marketing needs in a meaningful way without having some other part of the business suffer. Digital marketing agency representatives don’t have those types of time conflicts with which they must navigate. Their sole purpose is to come in and focus solely on developing and implementing the most effective digital marketing strategy possible. By investing the time and manpower to do it right, the agency’s representatives can use all their expertise to come up with the best solutions that will deliver the best results at the optimum cost.

3. Cost Effectiveness – It would cost a company a great deal of time and money to train personnel on how to use digital marketing tools. Furthermore, there is a real dollar cost for not having the knowledge or expertise to implement a digital marketing campaign as efficiently as possible since any learning curve stands to cost the company lots of money, creating unnecessary waste. When a digital marketing company comes in, they already know which tools work and how to use them. This time savings almost always translates to real savings.

4. Economies of Scale – Digital marketing agencies encounter a wide range of organizations with an equally wide range of needs. Through this exposure, they have developed a large library of viable solutions. The best part is those solutions were developed on another company’s dime. Another benefit derived from economies of scale would be the ability to introduce and link similar organizations into a mutually beneficial marketing strategy where they share content, allowing each company to receive additional exposure to a larger potential customer base.

5. Optimization – Aside from knowing which tools to use, digital marketing agencies also know how to get the most out of each tool. A great example of this would be the use of search engine optimization (SEO). Most agencies have designated personnel who are experts in areas such as SEO. By tapping into this allocation of resources, the agency is able to hone each approach for maximum benefit.

Contracting this segment of your marketing strategy can provide a diverse team of digital marketing expertise that avoids heavy overhead costs and if performance becomes an issue, can easily be removed or replaced.  Something to think about for many business’ working to gain an advantage from their online presence.


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