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The Web Runs On Words: How To Write Effective Copy That Creates Real Results


Published: January 5, 2011

The web runs on words. We write for search engines, we write for people and we write to convert readers in to hopefully customers or a member of a community. Google thrives on keywords and organic content to rank and identify sites. However, it’s one of the most neglected pieces of any web site.

How To Write Great Copy

Writing great copy not only motivates readers to take action, but also inform search engines of what your site consists of. However, taking a poetic approach and writing a Shakesperian epic is the absolute worst thing you can do. while it may make a great blog post, it won’t fly with Google which stops reading after a certain amount of characters.

There are a variety of resources you can tap in to learn about what makes web copy tick and how it influences visitors. A personal favorite is Smashing’s eBook “How to Write Great Copy for the Web.” I’ve read this eBook multiple times and it comes from a great site – Smashing Magazine – which is an amazing resource for designers, bloggers and programmers alike.

Using Call To Actions

A Call To Action gives users the incentive to complete an objective. Most commonly used with e-commerce sites, Call To Actions can used on any kind of website that requires user interaction. Recognizing what action you want a user to take is the first step in crafting a Call To Action. If you’re running a blog, you may want readers to subscribe. An e-commerce site will call for users to purchase a product. An information hub will want users to share their content. Knowing what you want to accomplish with your site

Who To Turn To For Copywriting

Girard Brewer wrote how much of an impact effective copy can make. It will either entice visitors to take action or turn them away. If you don’t know how to write copy that persuades and entices users or which keywords to use, where do you turn?

Choosing the right copywriting service is essential to creating effective copy that generates results. However, most agencies only focus on one aspect of the process: writing. DigitalEYE Media integrates copywriting in to advertising and social media campaigns.

That means the copywriting we do for our clients is very tightly integrated with SEO keyword research and optimization. The great thing about this is the advertising and blogging campaigns we create are integrated in SEO keyword research to ensure consistency in the image created for our clients online. The end result is consistency in content that generates results: increased page views, conversions and more loyal followers

What advertising agency can do that? Talk to us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how much of an impact copywriting can make on your site.


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