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Google Updates Maps Reviews To Improve Spam Detection

As the undisputed market leader in search engine technology, Google is constantly updating its algorithms in response to remain the most accurate search hub on the Internet. Although many of its efforts cause a great deal of complaints, no one can say that they are not aggressive in nature. In...Read More >>

Five Myths About SEO

Search engine optimization is a process that many people have attempted to master since its inception. There have been many myths exchanged over the years about the best SEO strategy to rank higher on search engines. Online businesses wanting to gain an edge over their competitors must sift out the...Read More >>

How Public Relations Can Help With SEO

As Google has evolved, search engine optimization has struggled to keep pace. What was once a fairly simple and straightforward process has been integrated with social media, site design and user experience, content development and recently, public relations. Many search engine optimization...Read More >>

Three SEO New Year’s Resolutions

It is a new year, and because of it, businesses need to look for ways to improve not just their products and/ or services, but also how they communicate with their customers. When it comes to SEO, there are three "resolutions" that need to be followed to make the online world a better place to...Read More >>

Christmas Cleanup Fixing Common SEO Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky and dynamic industry but avoiding certain pitfalls can increase your chances of winning a top spot on the first page of any search engine. If you've been in the industry for some time you may think you know what works but that has all changed and continues to...Read More >>

The Web Runs On Words: How To Write Effective Copy That Creates Real Results

The web runs on words. We write for search engines, we write for people and we write to convert readers in to hopefully customers or a member of a community. Google thrives on keywords and organic content to rank and identify sites. However, it's one of the most neglected pieces of any web...Read More >>

What Makes a Great Social Media Strategy – Simplify & Interact

Social media is one of the best marketing campaigns you can tap in to. If you don’t know have experience with social media or have a plan for your social media campaign, you run the risk of sabotaging any possible results you may receive from your efforts. Simplifying, interacting and...Read More >>

Interview With Blogger & Entrepreneur Neil Patel (Video)

The web is a constantly changing landscape, businesses come and go and startups grow in to giants. Neil Patel gave us his insight about the web, startups and entrepreneurship in an exclusive video interview with DigitalEYE. In the video, I interviewed Neil Patel about his experience as an...Read More >>

Top 10 SEO Twitter Profiles & Social Media Blogs To Follow

SEO insight is hard to find and to learn the techniques many experts use is time consuming. However, some SEO gurus share their on Twitter, for free. This list takes a look at the top 5 SEO and Social Media experts on Twitter and their Blogs. You'll find insight on anything from keywords to...Read More >>

Make Your Content Captivating, Informative And Engaging

Writing captivating, informing and engaging content is something all bloggers strive for. There are three simple points you will want to keep in mind in order to enhance your content, and thus improve the quality of your blog. Making these ideas a part of your writing process will require a change...Read More >>