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5 Ways to Make your Website SEO Penalty Proof

The abundance of search engine marketing professionals, companies and individual consultants pushing various magic formulas and services that can push a business to the top of the search engine results can be extremely overwhelming. But while there are many different tactics and methods that may...Read More >>

5 Link Building Methods For Local Businesses

Marketing companies boasting quick fixes that can boost website rankings on the major search engines, link-build with little effort are everywhere. But despite the ideas portrayed by many that highlight the simplicity of search engine marketing and link building specifically, there are several...Read More >>

How to Use Schema Markup for Local SEO

One of the most underutilized tools for local SEO is schema markup. Schemas are basically a set of html tags that can be used to display important information in search engine listings such as business location, reviews, prices, and opening hours. Using schemas is so important because they help...Read More >>

How To Implement A Sustainable SEO Plan

In the world of business, nothing can be left to chance. Search engine optimization, however, is a game of chance in itself since it is unknown as to the changes that will be caused to your rankings when you change something. While the goal of your changes are to further improve your rankings, it...Read More >>

How to Optimize for International SEO

Turning a business into a global enterprise is easier than ever before with the rapid spread of the Internet. Targeting people from different countries and cultures is as simple as getting to know how to best market to them, which includes learning how to properly optimize for international...Read More >>

How to Deal With Challenging SEO Accounts

Some search engine marketing accounts are very successful, while others can be quite difficult. Every once in a while, a marketer will come across an SEO campaign that present challenges from every angle and has to constantly readjust tactics and strategies. For these campaigns, one cannot be...Read More >>

Best Local SEO Principles

Over the years, SEO has changed dramatically. Not long ago, SEO was all about reaching online buyers on a national or international scale. Thanks to advances in Internet technology, SEO is now often done on a local basis. However, local SEO must be done differently than national and international...Read More >>

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Google Plus

Many are questioning whether they should take the leap to Google Plus. Beyond the unique features the platform offers for socializing, it is an excellent tool for increasing your online visibility. The following five reasons are only the tip of Plus' emerging importance. It Isn't Going Away -...Read More >>

How to Reach the New Generation of Buyers with SEO

The new generation of buyers are different from the previous generation that was used to taking directions from advertisements in printed media and on television. Simply put, buyers from this new generations find themselves researching the answers to their own questions. This changes their...Read More >>

3 Reasons SMBs Need to Focus on SEO, Not SMM to Acquire Customers

The Internet has changed the way many businesses market their products and services today. One of the biggest changes concerns business websites. For many businesses, the Internet has allowed small and medium size businesses (SMBs) to compete against companies both large and small. Moreover, the...Read More >>