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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know

Published: May 12, 2016

Is your website mobile friendly? While it’s always been a matter of import in this cellular world we live in to have a web design that is built for mobile as well as standard web use, Google’s newest algorithm will make it near-vital for continued online survival.


In March 2016, Google announced they would be rolling out their second version of the “mobile-friendly update”, set to launch come May. This morning Google Webmaster Trends Analyst announced the live launch of this update via Twitter.


Will this update matter to you?

Well like we previously mentioned, this update is meant to target website’s that are mobile-friendly and rank them above those that are not. While you might not immediately see an affect as it take’s Google time to crawl all the pages, you will more than likely see change in the amount of traffic you have on your site and in turn, your revenue’s from e-commerce.

Again more than likely, this will take a bit of time so there is still time to optimize your site for mobile. If you are unsure if your site is mobile ready there are many tools you can use such as Google’s mobile-friendly tool or even digital marketing companies that can run the tests for you and quickly provide the necessary changes to your website.

However, if you are already mobile-friendly and the Google test comes back with 5 star results, rest assured that this algorithm update will have little to no change to your webpage!


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