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How To Make Your Website Stand Out With Videos

Published: August 5, 2015

Your website must be a haven for visitors who come to read your content, learn about your products and read up on your business. Videos may seem pointless if you are considering making commercial advertisements for your company, but videos on your website can change the way people read your website going forward. This article explores how you can use videos to your advantage, and each step in the process gives your customers just one more thing to enjoy when they visit your website.

  1. Why Videos?
    The written word can convey any message you like to your customers, and you may write messages to your customers that tell them all about your products and services. The messages you write may be beautiful examples of prose, but prose only intrigues readers to a certain level. A video conveys the same message in a dynamic format that any customer can watch over and over. Videos can be shared on social media for thousands of followers to see, and videos give you creative license that you do not have with the written word.
  2. Where Should Your Videos Be Published?
    Videos may exist on every single page of your website depending on the layout, and each video you produce must have a specific purpose on your site. Videos created for your website may explain how a product is used, how to use the product in your home or special tricks you can perform with the product. The videos you produce could go viral over social media, and your customers get an easy explanation of what your products do.

    The unique tricks you teach your customers about your products will become folklore on the Internet, and you may place a share button on each video. Videos you create for your website may be incredibly creative, but videos that do not offer real value to the customer will be forgotten quickly. Use your humorous side to create videos that will be truly entertaining to your customers, and create videos that verge on the side of ridiculous. A blender company that produces a video of their blender pulverizing an iPhone will get more traffic from the video than a simple video showing the blender making a milkshake.

  3. How Long Should Your Videos Be?
    The videos you produce for your website should not be so long that customers cannot enjoy them properly. A video that lasts more than a minute is pushing past the attention span of the average Internet reader, and short videos are more likely to get more traffic online.

    Create videos that get your point across as quickly as possible, and create videos that allow you to speak your mind. You may use an employee who works in your office to produce the videos, or you may star in the videos yourself. The videos you create must be as detailed as possible, and they should feel as though they were made on the fly within your office. Your customers appreciate the spontaneous nature of your videos, and customers will get no pleasure out of watching a video that looks like it was produced by a Hollywood company.

  4. How Often Should You Produce New Videos?
    You may place static videos on your site that explain different parts of your business, introduce your staff or explain your mission statement. The static videos you create may stay on your website forever, and the introduction video you create for the homepage may be just the welcome that your customers want to see.

    New videos for your products should be produced as often as possible. Creating new videos for your products can become a way of life within your office, and your customers will get excited to see new videos coming out every so often. You will generate traffic to your website as customers wait for new videos, and the traffic that comes to your website could stay for several hours watching the same videos over and over.

  5. How Do You Post Videos?
    Your videos must be posted as a link from another source. Your videos should be posted to your YouTube channel, and you may use the embedding code to post the video to your website. You are shortening the length of time it takes to post your video to the site, and you are creating a brand new channel where customers can find you. Hiding videos on your website will reduce their effectiveness, and a channel that reaches customers through a completely different platform will increase your customer base in unexpected ways.

Videos that are posted to your website will help improve traction for all your products, and you have an opportunity to explain your products in your own words. You become the face of your business, and the videos enhance customer enjoyment of your products.


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