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Do Check-ins on Foursquare, Facebook, and Google+ Increase your Ranking?


Published: August 15, 2013

Since social media and search engine optimization are constantly changing, understanding what signals major search engines find relevant can be a bit of a mystery for business owners and marketers alike. But despite the myths and overwhelming amount of information emerging about how to use social media, interactions with businesses and companies online is becoming increasingly important for SEO purposes. Although increasing brand awareness and opening a community of two-way communication is a vital component of social media, understanding the way it affects search engine optimization and how to bed utilize efforts is equally important.

Foursquare Check-ins

As one of the front-runners in check-ins, Foursquare continues to be an important element of social media that can provoke signals to major search engines regarding the relevance of a business. Despite the importance of check-ins and the element of fun and competition involved in checking-in on foursquare, it can be a powerful form of interaction that is important to search engine optimization and highlight the popularity and relevance of a company or place of business. In addition to sending signals to search engines, Foursquare may actually appear quite high in search results, giving those searching for industry information access to yet another place where they can receive information regarding one’s business and services. Additionally, Foursquare allows interaction between patrons, offering feedback and information about their experiences.

Checking In With Facebook

Like Foursquare, Facebook offers ways for users to check-in to businesses, regions and events, incorporating such action into their already popular social media outlet. Check-ins on Facebook are not only shared on user pages, they’re also highlighted on business pages, where Google and other search engines take notice. By incorporating something that is important to the Google algorithms, such as check-ins and the relevance accompanying, Facebook capitalizes on the interactivity of its current platform while increasing the search engine optimization value businesses are seeking.

Google and the SEO Value of Its Own Products

Although Google’s option for checking-in is much lesser known, speculation assumes that since it is a Google product, the search engine giant will place importance on their own creation when considering the relevance of a business. As a result, Google checkins on Google Latitude are a good option for businesses to consider and garner from consumers and patrons.

Gaining a clear understanding of how relevance and authority affect search engine optimization can help marketers focus their energy on types of social media and indicators that are best for their business. Though social media and check-ins are not the magic wand for search engine optimization, they can be useful tools in promoting one’s business, prompting interaction and driving traffic to one’s website and, ultimately, one’s place of business. Promoting check-ins among current clients as well as potential consumers can help open the lines of communication with patrons while creating a greater sense of community while improving search engine optimization and social media presence.

  1. Thanks for the article, its very informative. I’ll be book marking it for a further read 🙂

  2. McLaughlin says:

    I use foursquare a lot, but the thing that I like most about it is the discounts. 25% off of $500 in a store yesterday, saved $103. Maybe not what you were posting about, but there it is.

  3. Ron Sidwell says:

    Thought-provoking article nicely done. The check-in process is an indication of usage and creates a statistic that characterizes both the user and the chosen business patronized. Not an obvious value, but more of a confirmation and support of other claims being made.


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