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3 Internet Marketing Strategies That Increase Sales


Published: March 20, 2015

Over the last few years, the world of online marketing is getting more challenging and a necessary part of becoming a profitable organization. With so many businesses jockeying for an online presence, the focus has changed from limited traditional marketing campaigns and organic SEO to integrated Internet campaigns with a wide range of available strategies.

The Impact of the Internet on Marketing
In the first few years of the Internet, it was only accessible to those with PCs. Today, most people are able to access the Internet all day long with their PCs and while on the go with mobile devices. In fact, mobile access has become a real game-changer. Online marketers now have access to customers and potential customers 24/7 no matter where they sit. By developing the proper Internet marketing strategies, many companies have also been able to extend the company’s reach by eliminating boundaries created by physical location. Today, companies that do business online are only limited by the ability to be creative.

3 Internet Marketing Strategies That Increase Sales
With so many evolving Internet strategies to choose from, it begs the question; Which ones are most effective at increasing sales? In the right situation, most Internet marketing strategies have relevance. It really boils down to a number of factors:

  • What product or services are being marketed
  • The targeted customer base
  • The end goal of the company

That said, here are three marketing strategies that have generally proven to be effective at increasing sales.

1. Email Marketing – For businesses that can successfully build a clean customer/potential customer database of email contacts, email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to reach thousands of customers with the push of a single button. The key to running a successful email marketing program is not trying to do too much. This is a low-pressure sales technique. Targeted individuals and companies are looking for short and concise emails that they can view in short order. They don’t need a lot of images or text, just a nice simple teaser that motivates them to click on a website link that has been provided. By creating more traffic to the website, e-commerce companies will most assuredly experience an increase in sales.

2. Social Network Marketing – Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have created a ready-made format for Internet marketing. It provides companies with an opportunity to build a viable brand outside of its own websites. With hundreds of millions of users trolling social networks, it also gives a company the opportunity for a little personal interaction with a base of potential customers. By letting these people get to know the company without the hard-sell, it helps create trust, which often leads to some level of customer loyalty. Finally, social networking provides the benefit of word-of-mouth advertising, which can sometimes be the most cost-effective way to spread the word.

3. Blogging – The process of blogging is all about building buzz. By developing its own blog, a company is provided with an additional outlet for communicating with potential customers. Blogs can be infused with images and graphics that provide a lot of meaningful information. Since most blogs are identified by industry, it gives the company a chance to market to people who are interested or already involved with the industry and/or associated products. This provides a great target for marketing. A company also has the ability to negotiate with other professional industry blogs for additional opportunities of outside exposure.

The day is coming when each of these Internet marketing strategies are both necessary and standard practice. For companies that are implementing these strategies today, it is creating extra value as it gives them a leg up on a majority of the competition. The Internet is here to stay and Internet marketing in no longer the wave of the future because the future is now.


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