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Taming Google’s Pigeon: How to Prosper with Local SEO

Google’s Pigeon algorithm update swooped down on the digital marketing community in July of 2014 to mixed reviews from local marketers. According to a Search Engine Land study of more than 600 local SEO practitioners and business owners, 37 percent reported having lost traffic following the...Read More >>

The Direction of Mobile Search Trends in 2015 and Beyond

Marketers may disagree on any number of topics, but there is one area where everyone seems to be in complete agreement: mobile is the wave of the digital marketing future. No matter how you look at it, mobile is the juggernaut that just won’t quit. Consumers are already spending more time...Read More >>

Should you Bid on Keyword Modifiers?

In this day and age of online marketing activity, it isn't enough to simply implement a marketing program that includes pay-per-click and sponsored advertising. It is just as important to find ways to actively manage that advertising campaign. If a company ignores opportunities to manage its...Read More >>

Questions to ask When Hiring Responsive Website Design Company

Any company that has big plans for developing a strong presence over the Internet is going to discover the importance of providing a highly functional website. Because of this fairly new revelation, the website design industry has experienced explosive growth over the past few years. It used to be...Read More >>

How will Predictive Search Change SEO?

As advancements in technology and innovation continue to change the ways people interact with the Internet, it often changes the way prior innovations are being used. Such is the case with "predictive search" and the way it is changing how website developers use search engine optimization (SEO) in...Read More >>

Will Instagram’s New Clickable Carousel Ads Increase Click-Through Rates?

In an apparent response to growing demand from advertisers, Instagram has recently begun to allow clickable ads within its new multi-photo carousel ad product. Instagram has never allowed the use of clickable ads until now, preferring that members of its popular social photo and video sharing...Read More >>

Why HTML5 is the Wave of the Future for App and Website Development

Talk to any web developer about building out mobile apps and websites and sooner or later you’re going to be hearing about HTML5. According to a survey of over 5,000 web developers and technology managers conducted by Kendo UI, 53 percent use HTML5 to build mobile websites and apps. HTML...Read More >>

2015 SMX West Day 3 Recap

Well SMX West 2015 has come to an end and it's time to get back to work and attempt to implement everything I learned at the conference on our current clients campaigns. This was a fun axperience, I met a lot of new people and said hi to several friends that I don't see often unless we meet up at a...Read More >>

2015 SMX West Day 2 Recap

Day two of Search Marketing Expo was another great day to learn about the future of Internet marketing and the new bumps on the road that the 800-pound gorilla, Google will layout for us. So be ready to turn pigeon droppings into gold, launch a website that is great for users and converts into...Read More >>

2015 SMX West Day 1 Recap

It's that time of the year once again, when Search Engine Marketing Expo returns to the lovely city by the bay, San Jose. Day one was filled with lots of information for search engine marketers like myself. The hardest and most stressful part of the day for me was when I was in the process of...Read More >>