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SHARES Passes 200 Million Blog Posts


Published: June 17, 2010

The installable version of WordPress just reached version 3.0, but the hosted version –- — has its own milestone to report today: 200,000,000 blog posts on the platform since its inception.

That total comes from 11.4 million blogs that are hosted on the site, and in all, WordPress reports the site is seeing more than 260 million people visit its blogs every month (according to data from Quantcast).

To put that in perspective, there have more than 15 billion tweets, four billion Flickr photos and two million minutes of video uploaded to YouTube (every day!).

Of course, one could argue that the written word (in blog form in this case) requires a bit more thought and effort than tweets, photos or vids, and hence is an equally if not more impressive milestone. Not to mention, another 13.8 million blogs (including Mashable use the installable version of WordPress, creating tens of millions of additional pieces of content.


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