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How To Work On The Go, Be Happy And Get Things Done


Published: October 12, 2010

Working in one place for too long defeats the advantages of the mobile age. Being able to sync your data and work on the go is easier than ever.

Making your workflow mobile and ready on-the-go will improve your efficiency, your work and your lifestyle. Being tethered to an office or even a home office can feel suffocating eventually, being able to pick up your laptop and leave or pull out a tablet and still accomplish the same work will make you feel liberated

Mobilizing Your Data

The most important part of your on the go lifestyle is making your data mobilized by uploading it the cloud. The cloud is classified as data stored on a server that can be accessed in real time, at any time. Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft all offer these kind of services that sync data between your desktop, laptop and mobile device. Here’s the 4 best services any mobile warrior will love

Dropbox is one of the best (free) tools at your disposal for syncing data. You’ll be able to sync files between your laptop, phone, desktop and any other device in between.

Google Docs takes the traditional word editor and sticks it in the cloud. Documents, presentations and spreadsheets are all editable, instantly saved and accessible anywhere from the cloud.

Log Me In lets you log in to your computer to retrieve a presentation or document you may have forgotten. You can even control your computer from the web interface, shut it down to save power and provide on the go tech support.

Basecamp lets you work in a team and coordinate projects. It’s a very clean project manager and will let you visualize your tasks and accomplishments in so many different ways.

Point 2: Maximizing Your Mobile Gear

Now that your data is in the cloud and accessible wherever you are, it’s time to choose your mobile armory. If you’re still using a desktop, consider buying a tablet or Netbook as a second device. The most important thing to keep in mind; is this device suitable for my needs, will it sync with my data and will these Apps work for me? Buying a tablet like an iPad or an Android smartphone requires you to conform to its user interface and almost bond with it. If you aren’t personally happy with it and it can’t perform to your needs, consider purchasing a Netbook and using Web Apps instead.

Point 3: Finding The Right Spot To Setup

The Coffee shop is the paradise of mobile freelancers, on the go businessmen, and quite certainly, you. It has everything, free Wi-Fi, great coffee and comfy seats. Finding the right Coffee shop or even work area isn’t as easy, you may deal with overcrowding or worse; no power.

A new service called Coffee And Wifi will help you find a coffee house that has free Wi-Fi for you to use while you enjoy your latte. Public libraries typically offer a quiet environment, power and occasionally free WiFi. However, being cooped up inside defeats the purpose of being a mobile freelancer. What I like to do, and what can spice up your freelance work, is choosing a random spot to work in. This could be a park, comfortable area in a mall, parts of the beach, anything that doesn’t have you in one spot for more than a few days.

The mobile office is easier than ever to create. Cloud services make your data accessible anywhere; devices can reach in to the cloud and improve your workflow.


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