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How to Create Buzz Worthy Content for 2016

Published: January 4, 2016

Creating shareable content is not just about getting the biggest scoop or designing the coolest infographic. In fact, the most difficult part of crafting content with true viral potential is about knowing where to stand on that fine line between self-promotion and share-ability. While some marketers just seem to have a knack for it, for most the old adage “practice makes perfect” is more accurate.

In this post, learn what you need to know to begin creating buzz worthy content for 2016.


Tip #1: Give Everyone on Your Team a Job to Do.

There are several parts to creating any single piece of buzz worthy content. Images are key, as is creating content in such a way that a short, easily shareable message emerges. Re-posting content contenders more than one time can also help potential buzz worthy content be seen by more sets of eyes.

Put a Viral “Spin” on Things:

  • Put a team into action
  • Individuals with skills in images, graphics, videography, marketing, content writing, and so forth!
  • Share it! Social media posters and moderators use tech tools and web analytics to spread shareable content.


Tip #2: Cultivate Your Fans.

Turn Your Audience into Your Number One Fan     Fans of your brand are also those most likely to take any content you generate and turn it into a buzz worthy piece by sharing it. In some cases, fans may even create new vehicles to share content they love.


Things you can do to groom your most enthused fans:

  • When your or your social media manager notices a dedicated follower, make a personal connection
  • Opportunities to contribute images, content, or even promoted commentary
  • “First dibs” scoops on the latest news
  • Freebies!




Tip #3: Don’t Forget The “Share” Buttons!

More than one marketer has learned the hard way that even the very best content, with the most viral potential, is only as shareable as the closest share buttons. Be sure to make it very easy for your fans to share your content by placing the share buttons front and center nearest your most recent posts.

Control the Way You Share:

  • Most platforms allow you to opt in an activate sharing options
  • Limit share options to social media platforms you actually monitor.
  • If you monitor these spaces, you are likely already cultivating a fan base on these platforms.


Tip #4: Make Yourself Available.

If you are not monitoring your social feeds, you will struggle to learn what days and times are most optimal for giving your content a chance to go viral. But even more importantly, if you don’t want the first viral content you generate to be courtesy of an angry customer who gets so fed up with your company’s non-responsiveness that he or she creates a negative social media campaign that goes viral in its own right.

Your Response Matters:

  • Remember “any publicity is good publicity” does not always hold true. Especially in the cyber world where online reviews rule.
  • Avoid the negativity with fast responses to both compliments and (especially) complaints.
    • Share and promote compliments
    • Give the complainers no reason to carry a grudge



Tip #5: Make Them Laugh.

There is a reason the meme has become so enduringly popular. Memes are funny – some are really funny! Not only that, but they also work for any subject and are easy to make. So are home videos of people or pets doing funny things.

Did you know that people who smile and laugh more get promoted at work more frequently and make more money over the lifetime of their career? The common theme throughout all of this is laughter. Make them laugh a little, and you will likely get at least a few shares out of your content. Make them laugh a lot and you might end up on Good Morning America!


Follow the “Golden Rule”:

  • Someone besides you has to think it’s funny!
  • Ensure this by running content by people inside and outside of your company
  • When at least 80% of your test audience loves it, it should be deemed shareableMemes make your content shareable and funnyMake a Shareable Meme



Tip #6: Make Their Jaws Drop.

This is the penultimate of buzz worthy content, and it can happen in any number of ways. It can be shocking data analytics and facts others may not expect or perhaps true stories of human nature that shock and awe others.

Whether it is a story of “pay it forward,” a miraculous recovery,
a government cover-up, a technology or scientific breakthrough or some other type of jaw-dropping revelation, there are many events that happen each day that fall into this category.


Stand Out in a Crowd:

  • Don’t worry about being the first to share this content, worry about sharing it in the most compelling way.
  • Create content that is more shareable than perhaps the ad-ridden competitor page or a page lacking in imagery or compelling insight.


With these six tips, you can begin working with your team to identify, format and share potentially buzz worthy content that will get your followers and their followers talking about you!


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