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5 Ways to Land a Better Job with Social Media


Published: February 23, 2015

While a well-crafted resume, personalized cover letter, and carefully selected list of references are still important tools for the job seeker, an optimized online presence has become an absolute necessity for conducting a successful job search in today’s digitized world. With a wealth of online information so readily available, employers are turning to the Internet in record numbers to research prospective employees.

In order to successfully compete in the modern job market, you need to be wherever employers are, and that increasingly means the major social media venues. Through social media, you can market yourself in the best possible light to potential employers, connect with allies who can help you in your job search, and research job opportunities with the companies that best match your skillset and career goals.

Present a Professional Image

  • Remember that prospective employers can potentially see everything that you’ve posted online, including the hilarious photos of your tequila-soaked foray into the nightlife of Rocky Point, Mexico. Search your name on the major search engines, as well as every social media site that you’re active on.
  • If you have embarrassing results returned for a Google search of your name, create a LinkedIn profile for yourself. In addition to providing some great networking opportunities, LinkedIn has powerful site authority that should help propel your profile near the top of the search results for your name. This will help funnel prospective employers to the positive content that you want them to see.
  • Delete or hide as many compromising posts as possible, or lock down your privacy settings. Ask friends to delete or un-tag problem photos of you that they may have on their personal profiles.
  • Avoid posting questionable material in the future. The bad impression that a negative online presence gives to prospective employers could cost you a great job opportunity.

Share Your Portfolio or Career Accomplishments Online
For less than the cost of a large pizza, you can register your name as a domain and set up a basic WordPress site to showcase your portfolio or professional accomplishments. Demonstrate your capabilities to prospective employers, and give them concrete examples of the skills you can bring to the team.

Having your own website also gives you at least one digital venue that you have total control of with which to make your case. With a little SEO juice, you might even be able to push an embarrassing entry further down or even off the search results page for your name.

Write a Compelling Professional Biography
Most social media sites allow you to write a brief professional profile of yourself. Set yourself apart from the crowd by focusing on your accomplishments rather than a boring recitation of your education and job titles. Be sure to include keywords relevant to the industry and type of job that you’re interested in.

Keep Your Social Profiles Updated
Current and accurate profile information is particularly important when you’re conducting a job search. Pay particular attention to keeping your profile updated with your latest accomplishments as well as your best contact information.

Showcase Your Personal Interests
Stand out from the hundreds of other candidates with similar backgrounds to yours by including content about your “off the clock” interests and pursuits. This provides another dimension to your personality that might make the difference in whether you get an opportunity to interview or not. If you think interests outside the workplace aren’t important, just ask a random sampling of business professionals you know about their golf handicaps.


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