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Three Things SEO Professionals Need to be Thankful For


Published: October 11, 2015

It’s that time of year when everyone takes a moment to consider the things for which they are most thankful. For the SEO professional, there are likely many things on a personal level to be thankful for. Perhaps it’s your family or your friends. Maybe its your home, or a marriage. But SEO professionals have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to business, as well.

Search Engines

The most obvious thing for which you, as an SEO professional, should be thankful is the existence of search engines. After all, search engine optimization wouldn’t exist were it not for search engines and their ever changing algorithms. By having search engines that are as technical as the search engines of today, you stay in business. The fact that search engines care about quality web pages, viewer satisfaction, and navigability of the web means that you get to spend your day helping businesses and web site developers everywhere create the best websites possible. Without search engines and their quality requirements, search engine marketing would be completely irrelevant, and SEO professionals would be pointless. But fortunately, because search engines exist and function the way they do, you are employed.

Customers and Clients

Perhaps the second thing SEO professionals should be thankful for is having clients or customers. After all, many people could simply attempt to do their SEO on their own, never giving a thought to hiring help. And even those who hire out their search needs have many available options. But when you have clients who trust the functioning of their website, and the success of their business to you, that’s a testament to your level of quality as an search engine optimization professional. But more than that, it means you likely have a customer for life. You have someone who trusts you enough to put the success of their website – in many cases their livelihood – in your hands, and they pay you to do so. You’ve established a relationship with your clients, and they support your way of life. Without clients, you would cease to have work, and couldn’t do what you love for a living. So be thankful for your clients, as well.


There are two other things you should be very thankful for as an SEO professional: algorithms. Algorithms are continually changing, and were it not for those continual changes, SEOs might have a hard time convincing website owners to hire help. After all, if you could eventually master one algorithm, you would have the option of never hiring SEO help. But ever changing algorithms make it nearly impossible for someone to spend the time required on their business and the time required on search engine optimization changes, as well, so they hire out.

There are countless ways in which the lives of search engine optimization pros are enriched each day. Customers often become more like family, and new friendships are forged every day. Perhaps you love who you work with, or your work environment. Maybe you get to work from home. But without search engines, clients, and algorithms, the SEO professional would not be able to do what they love. For that reason, the SEO professional should be most thankful for these three things.


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