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Change the Name of Your Facebook Fan Page


Published: May 15, 2010

On Facebook Pages, which is news and information for the admins of Facebook fan pages, I see the same questions asked over and over and over. And many of these questions can be answered by doing a quick search on Facebook.

The most frequently asked question is “how can I change the name of my fan page?”

Well, here’s the answer.

You Can’t Change the Name of Your Facebook Page

That’s right. Unfortunately, it can’t be done, even if have a typo.  If you want to change the name of your page, you have create a new page.  Yep.  You need to delete the page and make a brand new one.

Hopefully, Facebook will change this in the future and allow us to edit the name of our fan pages but until that time be very careful when naming the page, triple-check for typos, and carefully consider what you want to call it.


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