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Why You Need To Keep Up With The Explosive Growth Of Wearable Tech

Published: September 8, 2015
Tim Cook - Apple Keynote

Tim Cook – Apple Keynote

Currently, wearable technologies are becoming a new, exciting subject around high-tech industries, and the excitement is trickling down to many business industries throughout the world. Many companies have designated wearable technologies as a must-have for new training procedures. Yet even though these technologically advanced wearables (iWatch from Apple or the new Google Glass) are exciting, they are not yet so easily accessible. Even still, many customers and companies alike have already made good use of the ones they can get their hands on. With this in mind, it’s important to find way to integrate this new technology into your company’s digital marketing strategy.

wearable tech

Wearable Tech

Many business professionals may simply view these new technologies as novelty gadgets, however, many other businesses are seeing them as a game-changer–likely to completely change the way the modern business world functions on a daily basis. For this reason, there are now apps available that make using these wearable technologies even easier to navigate.

Nevertheless, although it’s obvious that the initial flow of business-savvy wearable techs has already begun to make a huge impact on corporations both small and large, the article below will help you determine the importance of these wearable techs to boost your future sales.

What Wearable Tech Means to the Future of Your Business:

Increased Performance & Profits

Throughout the formative periods of the wearable concepts, advertising and marketing was based virtually in full on the needs and wants of a consumer. Nevertheless, the market is beginning to see the need and demands growing in the business world when it comes to these innovative wearable tech gadgets. The current wearable technology invasion in the business community was presented with the assurance of enhancing efficiency and the general productivity of businesses.

Corporations in the area of field service already have noticed the improvements of wearable solutions, with contractors wearing wearable the technology for up-close camera viewing on the ground that can be seen back at the office.

Smart Glasses, a newer wearable technology from Google, is already in high-demand for service workers who use the high-tech solutions to solve problems in-the-field much faster; saving their companies a ton of money and time. The most sought after wearable gadgets, like those that will enable doctors to see directly into a patient’s vein, is now being used across the board, in nearly all industries with a need. For instance, builders are now using the technology to view area in tight spaces or down long pipes to pin-point problem areas quickly and efficiently.

Increasing real estate agent’s productivity, smart watches make it easy for consumers to easily pay for services; like repairs, home staging and many other services required to buy or sell a home. Marketing employees can even use the smartwatches to accept payment for pretty much anything with a simple push of a button.

Moreover, the result of wearable smart solutions isn’t restricted to these types of instances; actually, most people through the U.S. and U.K. that use wearable tech say that these innovative solutions, like smartwatches and more, have really helped their jobs and improved their productivity.

Top 5 Wearable Technologies for Businesses:

  1. Apple iWatch: Apple’s smartwatch has already been a defining factor when it comes to wearable technology in the current market. Undoubtedly, the new iWatch is going to be the just the beginning of what the future holds for innovative wearables.
  2. Intel® Module: A button-sized system that is specifically designed for things like smart clothes and other exciting wearables.
  3. Oculus Rift: Simply put, it’s a new Virtual Realty technology that, of course, is ideal for gamers, but may serve many purposes in the future of business training and meetings alike.
  4. Android Wear: Much like the iWatch – the Android Wear is an all-in-one smart phone watch with a host of extras and frills.
  5. Fashion Wearables: Whether it be a pair of sunglasses or a blouse, new technology is making it possible for business professionals to have the convenience of a computer processor, virtually on any part of the outfit or accessory.

With all of the new technology that can fit into something the size of a pencil tip, there’s really no telling as to just how far we’ll go with these wearable technologies. The important thing to remember is that if you own a business, you’ll want to implement the use of any technology that will increase your employee’s productivity. With that in mind, it seems almost crucial that you keep up-to-date with the newest tech trends and particularly the wearable tech trends that are currently, and soon-to-be on the market.


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