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Four Tips to Improve Your Ranking in the SERPs Organically


Published: January 23, 2014

A search engine result page (SERP) is the list of results a search engine returns to a user in response to a query, usually driven by a keyword. Appearing as close to the top of these results as possible is the main goal of most search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. However, it is important to ensure you rise through the SERP rankings organically, as other methods can often result in long term damage to your ranking and site status. Below are four ways by which you can improve your ranking in the SERPs organically.

Proper Page Titles

Title tags are sometimes ignored by website owners, but they are one of the most important factors of not only your on page SEO and CTR, but your SERP ranking, as well. With title tags it’s all about being relevant and optimizing correctly for optimal results. Below are a few tips for creating great title tags.

  • Put your main keyword at the beginning of title, or as close to it as possible
  • Keep your title simple and free of typos
  • Create a catchy, clickable title
  • Includes calls to action and value propositions
  • Keep it to 65 characters or less

A good title will be found by search engines and be engaging to users, as well. This is the ideal combination you’re reaching for when creating your title.

Optimized Permalink Structure

Second to having a great title, including a high quality permalink is the most crucial thing you can do to improve your SERP ranking. A good permalink has certain key features.

  • Short and easily readable by people and search engines
  • Meaningful and targeted to keywords
  • Includes almost no stop words
  • Includes unique link names for different posts
  • Uses a /%postname%/ direct post link structure

If you use WordPress, your site comes with a great built-in support for custom permalink structure. But if not, you might need to do some research or hire a professional to help you get this right.

Include Quality Content on Your Site

Outstanding content is one of the best ways to organically improve your SEO as well as your SERP. Include a large volume of content on your site that is high quality, and you should see your business grow. High quality content has the following attributes.

  • Provides valuable information
  • Does not include a lot of sales language
  • Modest but effective keyword choices
  • Includes authoritative links
  • Answers a question, or provides a solution or advice

Meta Description

Your meta description doesn’t directly improve or have any impact on your SERPs, and any SEO professional will tell you that, but it does have an indirect effect. If optimized correctly, a good meta description can increase your web traffic. This, in turn, builds authority, and the more authority your page has, the higher you’ll be ranked in the SERPs. Here are some tips on creating a good meta description.

  • Keep it to 160 words or less
  • Include your main keyword at least once
  • Make sure it’s written for human comprehension
  • Keep the language as evergreen as possible so it will continue to be searched for and returned in search results

By following the above four tips, you can not only improve the chances that your site will rise through the SERPs, but you will improve your on page SEO, as well. Content is key, but even the best content needs to be accompanied by a well-written title and optimized meta description. Using these tips over time consistently you will see great improvements to your SEO, web traffic, and ranking in the SERPs.

  1. Purvi Togara says:

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips to increase SERP’s.

  2. Sunnyjoze says:

    Thank you Gary.Its Helpful

  3. Peter Wentford says:

    Outstanding content is one of the best ways to organically improve your SERP? I hear that a lot, but I think that people don’t look for outstanding content, they look for cat movies, hilarious movies or other things to be intertained, and not to be informed. Outstanding content will not help that much to improve your SERP.

  4. Gary Brewer says:

    You nailed it Peter, the camps on the social web are buyers looking for a product or service, believers who are passionate about something or someone, seekers looking for information. There also are two types of content “intent” and “interest”. Finally we also thing the content should be relevant to the audience. We think that if you follow these tenants of online marketing you will see higher engagements and higher conversions.

  5. We have a new online shop ( for Spain, and the hardest part is to “spread the word”.
    Paid advertising generates traffice, but with very low conversion rate.
    So, we try to follow ideas like the ones in this post, to increase serp position. It’s the best way, but also the hardest way…


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