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Meet the New Foursquare App Designed to Give Yelp a Run for its Money

Foursquare founder and CEO Dennis Crowley has a new mission in life and it doesn’t include showing rival Yelp any mercy. Locked in a life and death struggle to perfect a sustainable business model, the maverick New York-based Foursquare has literally torn itself in two, splitting its flagship...Read More >>

Align Your Marketing and Sales Efforts to Increase Lead Generation

The art or science, if you prefer, of sales has come a long way from the days of Henry Ford’s declaration that customers could have any color of automobile they wanted as long as it was black. That was the product era, when affordable mass-produced goods were scarce, and the public for the most...Read More >>

Building a Strong Online Presence for Your Business

No less an authority than the U.S. Small Business Administration has concluded that small businesses with websites average 39 percent greater annual sales revenue than those businesses without a website. An online presence has clearly become an absolute necessity if a business is to thrive, let...Read More >>

Why Google is Adding HTTPS to Their Search Ranking Algorithm?

You have no doubt seen the prefix “http” at the front of a website URL address and probably wondered what it meant. It’s short for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol” and it is the primary technology used to permit Web users to link and browse. A similar-appearing prefix that you may not be...Read More >>

Why Buying SEO Leads is a Bad Idea

Buying SEO leads from a third-party provider is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. Assuming that your company is offering white-hat SEO solutions truly tailored to an individual prospect’s unique situation, you may find that paying for leads that...Read More >>

How to Build Your Brand with Backlinks

Although backlinks remain one of the most effective means of improving search engine rankings, the majority of digital marketers are clueless as to how to acquire them without invoking the wrath of Google. One after the other, the most popular and formerly acceptable techniques for building links...Read More >>

Is Your Social Media Strategy Discouraging Potential Customers?

In some ways, social media resembles the traditional art of public relations. Both strategies are designed primarily to create a sense of trust and friendship with the consumer, helping to ensure that your company will be the preferred choice for doing business with. This means engaging in genuine...Read More >>

Three Reasons to Link Your Accounts to Google My Business

Google hasn’t exactly made it easy for the local business marketer. Google Maps, Google Places for Business, Google+, Google+ Local, Google+ Business Pages – at this point not even Google seems to know how all of these platforms are supposed to benefit the local business community. Assuming...Read More >>

How to Create the Best Buyer Persona for Your Marketing Campaign

A persona refers to the identification and “tagging” of each of the different groups that comprise the best potential purchasers of your products or services. Identifying these sub-groups by name enables you to better see them as real people with real needs. Members of each group, or persona,...Read More >>

How Long Tail Keywords Can Improve Your Blog Marketing Results

Long tail keywords are highly targeted search phrases that usually contain at least three words, and frequently contain a head keyword search term; head terms are more generalized and are usually no more than two words long. For example, “Halloween costumes” is a head search term; “cartoon...Read More >>