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How Real Internet Marketing Specialists Create An Effective Campaign


Published: November 24, 2010

More often than not, companies are moving towards Internet marketing in order to drive traffic to their brand, however most advertising firms don’t create conversions and only handle the marketing aspect— leaving the heavy lifting to you. DigitalEYE handles everything from conception to conversion.

Most advertising firms only market your product after you’ve developed your branding and website. They leave you to do a vast majority of the work yourself; so what do you do if you have a great, market-changing idea and no branding, website or online presence? This is where DigitalEYE Media steps in, covering every aspect of the branding process. Our rock star team works with clients of all kinds, some of which are only at the idea phase, with no website, no branding and no way to market their idea. We’ll create your branding to give your business a presence online and develop a conversion-effective website that turns visitors in to loyal customers.

We also work with a well-known and highly experienced search engine optimization specialist to ensure your website attracts the most visitors from search engine results possible. This is one of the most crucial elements of an effective marketing campaign – making sure your brand shows up in high visibility search results. That means if people search for a keyword about your brand, you’ll be more than likely to attract visitors that turn in to repeat business.

Think that’s it? Think again— We don’t stop there either. We continue our relationship with your brand by engaging fans, followers and past, present, and potential consumers using Social Media Marketing. We also have a process in place that breaks down the effectiveness of a SMM campaign down to how many of those visitors convert in to customers. Using SMM allows us to create a passionate community of followers that promote your brand or product by word of mouth.

Another advantage: we’re a locally owned and operated business. If you’re in Southern California, you can meet our team of rock stars that make the magic happen. We also keep dollars local to help the community grow.

What Internet marketing consultant can do all of that as part of their advertising strategy? If they aren’t DigitalEYE then they can’t— our rock star team has the passion, expertise and skills to promote your brand from idea to conversion.


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