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Increase Conversions and Search Rankings with A Faster Website

It seems that everything these days is driven to speed, and website loading time is no exception. Search engine users expect and demand fast loading sites, and are just as inclined to click off a pokey, slow loading site as they are to wait patiently for it to load. The search engines are all...Read More >>

3 Reasons Why Keyword Research Still Matters

Despite the introduction of semantic search technology and the effect of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update on local search, your choice of target keywords still plays an important role in determining the ultimate success of your SEO efforts. While semantic technology is designed to draw...Read More >>

Google is Dropping Local Carousel Listings for Some Business Verticals

Google is once again stirring the local search pot with its recent move to eliminate the Local Carousel listings for restaurants, nightlife, hotels, and entertainment. The obtrusive horizontal black Carousel bar is being replaced with a 3-pack of local results in addition to new secondary pages for...Read More >>

Why Spammy Backlinks are Still Ranking Websites

Despite the fact that Google has rewritten the rulebook on acceptable link building practice, there are still thousands of sites on the web that continue to enjoy high rankings in the search results with irrelevant links from low quality sites. This is like a slap in the face to every webmaster who...Read More >>

5 Things SMBs Should Know About Google+ Pages

Google+ has gone under many revisions and received many new features that are designed to help business owners. One of the features, Google+ pages is similar to Facebook. It is a platform that allows businesses to provide their business information to their audience, build relationships with...Read More >>

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Google Plus

Many are questioning whether they should take the leap to Google Plus. Beyond the unique features the platform offers for socializing, it is an excellent tool for increasing your online visibility. The following five reasons are only the tip of Plus' emerging importance. It Isn't Going Away -...Read More >>

Google Updates Maps Reviews To Improve Spam Detection

As the undisputed market leader in search engine technology, Google is constantly updating its algorithms in response to remain the most accurate search hub on the Internet. Although many of its efforts cause a great deal of complaints, no one can say that they are not aggressive in nature. In...Read More >>

Advantages of Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a new way Google is trying to tie in their social media platform to the content they provide, while simultaneously punishing the people who steal content. The idea is simple. When an author publishes content on a specific domain name, they are able to link it to their Google+...Read More >>

How to Use Google Currents to Monitor Industry Trends

[caption id="attachment_2828" align="alignright" width="166"] Courtesy of Google Play[/caption]In today's world, it is vitally important to be connected to the hive mind as often as possible. Whether you are sitting in your office or riding the train to work, it's important to be able to stay up to...Read More >>

Designing With Usability: How To Make Navigation Easier For Users

Web usability is one of the most important aspects in web design. Users will love or hate your work if they can't easily navigate your site. Designing a user interface with usability in mind will guide visitors through your site easily. Here's what you can do to make your site usable. The...Read More >>